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Brother Printer support to solve paper jam error

Hello, friends today we are going to tell you how to resolve this error message and how to take help from Brother printer support to solve paper jam error with no error, this is advisable not to touch any internal part while removing the jammed paper to prevent further damage. Paper jam error in brother printer mostly occurs when a paper or other printed material gets stuck or create a lodge in a printer. In this situation, printer stop functioning properly until and unless the paper is not removed manually, so to fix this brother printer error message take guidance from brother printer customer service, or follow the most sufficient ways which are listed below for brother printer troubleshooting error code. After removing the jammed paper it is necessary to open and close the scanner cover so that the error message gets erased. If while doing this ink get scattered then wash it off with soap or detergent immediately.

  • Moving of print head and removing of any ripped paper
  • Removing of jammed paper inside the machine

Solution 1. Moving of print head and removing of any ripped paper
As it is a job of a trained technician so it is recommended to perform this task carefully, without harming any part of brother printer, so if you are trying this for the first time then get help from Brother Printer support team to fix this problem or follow the instructions given below but very carefully.
Lift the scanner cover by placing your both hands on both sides under the plastic tabs of the machine.

  • Now check carefully is the position of the print head is OK.
  • Make sure that your print head must be in the center, so take it to the center if it is on right corner or in the left corner, then unplug the printer from the power supply board.
  • Now move the print head and take out the remaining papers.
  • Now relief the lock by lifting the scanner cover, then politely place it back using your both hands.
  • Now put the power cord back into the power outlet.

Now you are done with this step, you can print a test page to check the status of your printer is it ok or not, if this solution does not works then no need to worry, the brother printer tech support team is there to assist you for this. There are many other solutions to clear the paper jamming issues.

Solution 2: Removing of jammed paper inside the machine
This is not a hectic task but you must ask for help or take guidance from the team of Brother printer support as they have experts to solve all these problems on time in a very easy and quick manner. Hence if you are confident then follow the steps below.

To perform this task unplug the brother printer from the power outlet.
Now close the paper support flap and pull out the paper tray from the printer.
To release the jammed paper pull the two green levers.

Lift up the scanner cover upwards by placing both your hands on both sides of the plastic tabs of the machine.

Now check whether the jammed paper is on the left side or not.
Carefully check that whether the jammed paper has been removed from the front opening or not. If it is difficult to remove the jammed paper inside the printer then insert a thick A4 sized glossy paper through the opening front of the printer.

If the jammed paper inside the printer gets removed then release the lock by lifting scanner cover and gently place back scanner cover using both hands.
Now push out the jammed paper with the help of the paper you inserted.
Now gently remove the inserted paper from the opening front of the printer.
Carefully open the jam clear cover at the back of the machine.

  • Close the jam clear cover carefully.
  • Now release the lock by lifting scanner cover, gently place back the scanner cover carefully.
  • Now put back the paper tray firmly into the machine
  • Now pull out the paper support while holding the paper tray until it clicks, then unfold the paper support flap.
  • Now plug back the power cord into the power supply board.

If you get relief from your error message from the above instructions then it’s a good news but if you need further assistance then call on brother printer support number and get it fixed by the servicemen which is being provided by the brother printer customer service team. The technician from brother printer support will guide you to resolve your paper jam errors, and they will give you professional recommendation to keep your printer safe from such errors.

How to fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error?

Many users face this problem of paper jam error, while performing any task it shows on screen that there is a paper jam inside of it, but when they check there is not paper jam inside it. So to fix this paper jam error message users try to search on Google or they ask from their friends , hence now they don’t have to panic for this be because we have here provided some guidelines which would help you to troubleshoot this problem or you can also go for brother printer support service to fix this issue.

At the initial stage, you have to open the brother printers front cover.
After opening the cover you have to gently take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.

By doing this all the jammer paper will come out along with the toner and the drum unit assembly.

If you are not able to take out the toner cartridge assembly and then drum unit then don’t apply for because it may damage some other parts of printer which could create a major issue so to avoid the major problem get Brother Printer Support to fix this error message.

  • After removing the jammed paper you have to close the scanner cover.
    Now pull out the paper tray from the brother printer.
  • At this time you have to insert toner cartridge and drum unit assembly at their appropriate position inside the brother printer.
  • Now you have to put the paper tray back in the brother printer.
  • At last close the printer front cover.

Hopefully after going through these steps you would get satisfactory results, and you would get to know exactly what to do and how to do, but if you are still having problem then get the best solution if your query from Brother Printer Support, and to reach them you just have to dial Brother Printer Support Number and tell them the problem which you are facing, so that they can guide you.

So friends how was our article on Brother Printer support to solve paper jam error, we have provided the best solution for you all but still if you not satisfied with this then visit the near brother customer service centre for Brother Printer Support to solve your printer problem, so that you can continue with your work. Therefore guys please do share this with your friends who requires help regarding the same hence they can also avail the assistance of Brother printer Support to get instant solution from the help desk.