Canon printer support to fix blurry pictures

If you take the print and you see that the pictures are blurred, smeared or is faded then the reason behind this would be the calibration of your canon printer, so here we will tell you how to calibrate your canon printer therefore go through the instructions and then get your problem fixed, but in any case the problem remains the same then it is advised to take immediate help from canon printer support team.

Steps to calibrate a Canon printer

Calibrating a canon printer is not a big deal but if you are new to this then take special advice from the experts of canon printer support, as the canon customer service provides instant and right solution for the issue which you are facing, but before you go and get help from canon printer support squad follow these steps as instructed below and get out of trouble:

Clean the Print Head

Step 1

First of all turn on the canon printer and then press the Maintenance button until the display shows an “H”. Now to clean the print head press the “Color” or “Black” copy button to clean the print head normally.

Step 2

Now press the maintenance button till it shows an “A”, press the “color” or “Black” copy button to print the nozzle check sheet. If you that there are lines missing or white streaks exists, you’ll need to do a deep clean.

Step 3

Press the Maintenance button until the display shows a “Y”. For a deep clean press the “Color” or “Black” copy button.

Align the Print head

Step 1

Before you try this make sure that paper is inserted in the tray and then press “Maintenance” button until it shows a lowercase “u”. Now to print the alignment sheet for the print head use the “Color” or “Black” copy button.

Step 2

Gently open the scanning bed lid and place the alignment sheet face down on bed. The arrow in the corner of the sheet must be pointing at the top left corner of the bed. Now close the scanning bed lid.

Step 3

Now press the maintenance button until the display shows a “U”. Press the “color” or “Black” copy button to align the print head. The alignment sheet can be discarded upon completion.

Reasons behind the Smudged, blurry or distorted text or Pictures

Causes of this issue could be different and numbers of reasons are there which results in this type of issues, so if you are also having this type of problem then below we have listed some tips for Canon printer troubleshooting your problem in the most efficient manner possible. So you can try this or either you can get Canon printer support from the Canon customer service team.

  • Dirty or misaligned print heads
  • Ink Cartridge Issues
  • Paper Issues
  • Driver Related Issues
  • Laser printer Hardware Issues
  • Other printer hardware Issues

Dirty or Misaligned Print Heads

Your printer might be printing blurry or smudged and the reason behind this issue could be dirty print head. All the latest canon printers have the cleaning mode that can run to check and clean the dirty print head as well as along with this other internal equipments are used in the printing process. The cleaning function differ from model to model so concern with the canon printer support squad and get out of this problem.

Ink Cartridge Issue

If you have been using the ink cartridge for a longer period of time then check the toner level, you can check the level by the help of light indicator which is on the front of the machine or use the level software also. If you are using the ink cartridge for over a year then it is suggested to check that the ink can dry out or the print head can become gummed up with ink residue. So if check all the possible factors you are still unable to fix this problem then get help from canon printer support.

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