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Canon printer support to resolve paper jam error

When a paper jam errors occur then most of the user gets frustrated and to resolve this issue they prefer to take canon printer help from canon customer service, but here we are going to tell you some easy steps to fix this canon printer problem hence scroll down and go through these steps as mentioned below, hope this would help you to get out from paper jam error. But if in any case, you fail to fix this error then try to get in touch with the expert technicians of canon printer support via canon printer support number.


Steps to fix paper jam errors

While using the printer if your printer offers to diagnose advice then you must go for it instead of ignoring it, so here are some basic steps which would help you to solve the paper jam errors, if your problem is getting very annoying then you can get it repaired from the authorized team of canon printer support and you can communicate with them through canon printer helpline number.

  • Turn off the printer
  • Open all doors leading to a paper path
  • Carefully pull out paper sheets and scrap
  • Close all doors and turn on the printer

Turn off the printer: If you are using the printer and suddenly you are facing paper jams error then there might be a problem with the fuse because sometimes the fuse gets heated if it is used for a longer period of time, so it is advised by Canon printer support to change the fuse and by this you can get rid from this problem, or if still you are getting error then take help from canon customer service and get it fixed as early as possible.

Open all doors leading to the paper path: If you are confused that which door is creating the problem then carefully start removing or opening the input tray and following the paper path all the way to the output tray, opening every panel or door that you can find along the way. If after trying this task you are still facing the same error then feel free to take canon printer support from the well-trained engineers of canon technical support.

Carefully pulls out paper sheets and scraps: Check for the paper sheets that are stuck in the printer as well as clean the paper scrap. Then if possible pull the paper out the path firmly but very carefully and slowly because if you will do it forcefully then it can cause harm to the parts of the printer. Take care of all the paper as any scrap which remains can cause the jamming issue again. If you have the misfortune of breaking the mechanical piece in the printer then stop there only whatever you are doing and ask for canon printer support and get it fixed within a shorter period of time.

Close all the doors and turn On the Printer: Once the printer is switched off then it will automatically get started, and if the printer reports that it is still jammed then double check for the stray paper scraps and then close all the doors again. And if still, the printer continues the same error then you’ll have to take canon printer support so far you can get back to work as soon as possible and you can reach the canon printer support team through their canon printer support number which is the toll-free number and is available 24/7.


So guys hope you all are pleased by the canon customer service offered by the canon printer support team. Hence you can take your printer to the nearby canon customer service center so that you can get the resolution for the paper jamming error. Therefore guys please let us about your experience with our today’s article.