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Canon printer support to resolve paper jam error

While working on printer it happens that many times the paper gets Jam and there is an error which appears on your screen and you try to resolve it by your own, but a stage comes when your face failure and you lose hope so at that time the right option is to take help from Canon printer support to fix the paper jam error. Therefore below we have listed some points which would be useful for you to solve this paper jam error. So scroll down and follow the tips as instructed for better results.


Common causes for Paper Jamming Problems

It’s a real fact that the paper jamming error caused by the paper itself, so to get this error fix take guidance from Canon printer support to get out of this trouble. Below we have given the causes for the paper jamming problems, it’s sure that the reason behind your problem could be one of the below listed, in such cases it is suggested to get Canon printer support and get your printer start working again:

Sticky Paper: Sticky paper can cause the copier paper jam, it’s recommended to fan the paper before use so that it become dry before you use it, it happens many a time that sheets get stick together when placed in the tray, which cause the paper jamming issue.

Moist Paper: Before you give the print command make sure that you must use clean, moisture-free paper, moist or dirty paper is more likely to give rise to such printer problems.

Paper Dust: Dust collects on the paper when get inside the printer then it may jam the printer.

Misaligned Paper: While keep the paper in the tray be very careful that the sheets must be aligned properly in the tray because sometimes misalignment of sheets also become the reason for this problem.

Heavy Paper: There are different types of paper available in the market, so before you purchase the paper is sure that the sheets you buy should not be thick because it gets jammed in the printer.

These all are the causes for this problem, so if you want to get solution for your issue then get assistance from canon printer support team to get rid of this problem. If you forcefully tries to pull the paper then it may cause harm to the printer so in such cases it better to take guidance from Canon customer service via Canon printer support number which is a 24/7 facility provided by Canon company for their valuable clients.

Steps to prevent Paper Jamming Problem

As the paper jams is inevitability over the life of your printer, however if you are encountering the paper jam issue then these following steps may help you to prevent paper jam issue, so if you are facing this issues then get the proper solution for this problem from Canon printer support, as they have the advanced features and techniques through which it become more easier to solve this problem.

If there is a paper tray with the printer, then do not fill the tray to capacity because overfilling the paper tray can cause the paper jamming.

If you are printing multiple pages then do not mixes up the paper sizes if they are different as it become the reason for the paper jam.

Make sure that your printing sheets must be seated into the tray or slot correctly.
Examine the condition of the paper before printing, torn paper, previous paper jams, printing labels or other foreign objects can cause paper jamming issue.

How to remove paper Jam inside the printer

Below we have mentioned some important steps for you all which could help you to fix this paper jamming error, if after trying this you didn’t get satisfied then get immediate Canon printer support from Canon printer support number which is toll free number and you would be provided assistance for you canon printer problem but before taking help from canon printer support try it by doing at your own with the help of these tips as instructed below:

If the paper jam is in the outer tray then remove the jammed paper.

If paper is jammed in the multi-purpose tray then remove the jammed paper.

Now carefully open the top cover.

Remove the drum cartridge from the printer

Be very safe because now you have to place the drum cartridge into the protective bag

While pressing down the green lock release lever (1), remove the jammed paper (2).

Take the drum cartridge out of the protective bag

Hold the drum cartridge with both hands and install it into the printer
Close the top cover.

So these are the steps which you must follow to get your problem solved, but if you are trying it for the first time then take help from Canon printer support as they are trained and have the knowledge about how to fix the paper jamming issue. So guys if you are satisfied by the tips and your problem is fixed then please share Canon printer support to resolve paper jam with your friends so that they also get to know how to solve this problem or in which situations does Canon printer support team provide help to the clients.