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Get Canon Support To Recover a Dry Print Head Issue

Canon printers considered as the best and the most economical printers used to complete printing tasks. Millions of canon printer users are satisfied with the print quality and the speed of the printer, and one other hand if any client requires canon support to recover Dry Print Head Issue, then for all of them we have here provided some easy steps to fix the dry print head issue. So all canon users are suggested to follow the steps as instructed below, and if after trying this, the problem remains the same, then avail assistance from the experts of Canon support to solve this issue.

Drying out of printer head/ink cartridges is a common problem, but we can’t ignore it, as the print head is the major components of the printer that smears the ink onto the paper in a specific pattern. This is the reason for any failure in the printhead, and cartridges can affect the printing. All troubled clients should get the issue resolved from the authorized Canon support team, as the Canon printer helpline number is active 24*7, and the clients can avail assistance and can speak with the staff any time, as they are ready to provide Canon printer help throughout the day and night.

 steps to recover a dry printhead

Here we have penned some steps to recover the Dry Print Head Issue, hope with the help of these steps, you all would get immediate relief from the dry print head error. Hence follow the steps as instructed below.

Step 1: Remove the Cartridges

  • First of all, you are supposed to remove the print head, in some printer the head attached with the ink cartridge.

Step 2: Remove the printhead

  • To detach the printhead, you are supposed to pull up the grey lever, although the printhead will come out quickly without any resistance.
  • Note: While removing the printhead, be very careful that you don’t have to touch the rear contacts and the bottom side where you have to find the ink nozzles.

Step 3: Find the proper suction tube

  • Now you have to find out the rubber tube, that has the right diameter for the cartridge joints on the printer head.

Step 4: Dip into water

  • Now you have you to set up a flat plastic cover with some water. Please note that the plate which you are using should not be a ceramic plate or anything else that is made up of hard material. The reason behind this is that the nozzles borders are ceramic and they can break very easily.
  • After this, put the stuff to soak for some time
  • Now the dry ink will get dissolved in the water.
  • Now try to function some water from the plate into the nozzles.
  • For this, there is no need to suck the tape, keep it in place push the sides, close the open ends and let it sucks for you resuming the original shape.

Step 5: Dry the head

  • Now at the time of reinstallation of the head in the printer, dry it and gently push it on the paper napkin. Now, let the water get out for a few moments. Now the printhead is almost clean, and if still there is some water then don’t worry.
  • Now after this, install the head back to its original position.
  • After this close, the lever, place all cartridges and close the printer and turn it off.
  • After some time, turn on the printer, ow you can perform the nozzle cleaning, but it is entirely up to you.
  • After cleaning, print a check sheet to confirm if all nozzles are clean and working correctly.

If after trying these steps you are not satisfied with the performance of the canon printer, then get in touch with the Canon customer service team, and ask them to provide instant Canon printer help.

The clients who are willing to avail Canon support to fix the printer issues, they all are supposed to dial the Canon printer helpline number and commune with the executive of Canon support, tell them the problem which you are facing, so that they can efficiently guide you, so that you can get back to work.

We hope that the information provided in this post on getting Canon Support to Recover a Dry Print Head Issue, and the steps provided above would be helpful for all of you, hence please do share this post with your friends, so that they can also get out from this issue.