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How can I get my brother printer to print darker

Hello dear friends how are you all, so today we are going to tell you about How can I get my brother printer to print darker, this is a very common issue which every user face and they just didn’t get the right solution how to fix it, so for all of them here we are going to reveal some important tips which would be useful for them and hope by following the instructions given below they would easily get out of trouble which they are facing with their brother printer. Therefore do read the whole article till the end and you would definitely get a good result after reading the whole article.

How to improve print quality from faded|lighter or faint to a darker one
If you are getting an issue with your brother printer that your print quality is poor then follow the steps recommend below specially for you all, if after applying the steps you didn’t get better results then you can either ask for help from brother printer support or from brother printer customer support as they are ready to assist their clients in every possible way so that they don’t have to go anywhere else to get solution for their brother printer problem.
Follow the steps below and get rid of your brother printer problem in a very easy manner.

  • First of all verify that the paper which you are using is plain, multi-purpose or recycled paper and the weight of paper must be in between 16-24 lb.
  • Now press on OK button three times to print the print setting report. Therefore examine the print quality on each of the printed pages.
  • Closely examine the printed text and horizontal lines on each of the pages of the printer setting report.
  • Now press the cancel to exit the current menu and then press the OK button three times to print the printer settings.
  • Gently open the front cover of your brother printer and then remove the drum and toner assembly.

Now gently clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by sliding the green tab located at the top of the drum unit, from left to right several times. Return the green tab to the real position before reinstalling the drum unit assembly.

While looking at the drum and toner cartridge, on the right side of the drum you should see two small pieces of metal that look like staples aligned vertically and a metal rod protruding from the side. Clean off these pieces with a soft cotton dry cloth.

  • Now smoothly shake the toner from one side to another for five to six times to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge.
  • Now reinstall the drum and toner assembly into the machine and close the front cover of the brother printer.
  • Now press the OK button three times to print the printer settings.

If the print quality is good then the issue is resolved but if the brother printer problem remains the same then get an instant and immediate solution from the brother printer customer service phone number.

If the brother printer is out of warranty then you can call on brother customer service and get the right solution for your brother printer issue.

5 Reasons that lead to lighter Prints

If your brother printer has the ink and still it is printing lighter then you must take a strict action for this, if you want your brother printer to perform better. So here we have listed some most common reasons which lead to lighter prints.

  • Low ink or toner density settings
  • Low or high humanity
  • Low ink or toner level
  • Toner sticking to the fuser roller or problems with the transfer roller.
  • The inkjet printhead is clogged

Above we have mentioned the most common reasons because of which people face light print quality issues. The brother printer support assists their clients if they are going through these situations and hence to avoid such issues you can get in touch with the brother printer tech support team via brother printer support number as they have the correct solution for every brother printer problem which the customers face.

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