How to clean error in brother printer?

To maintain good quality print, one has to clean the machine on a regular interval of time when required, if there is any print quality problem then start cleaning it manually. Let’s take a look at the inkjet print head and below we have discussed the clogging and the cleaning solution. Here in this article, we are providing the best solution for how to clean error in brother printer? You can polish a single color at a time, or you can also clean more than one color at once.


How to clean print head in brother printer?

Do the following to clean the print head in brother printer. There are different models of brother printer if you are using a touchscreen printer then for those we have given in detail about how to clean error in brother printer?, but before starting this procedure of cleaning the print head that you must a knowledge of this if while performing this task you fail then you can’t do anything then you would be only left with one option that is to take help from brother printer customer service who can assist you in such cases like right now you are facing, i.e., How to clean error in brother printer?, so for you all we have we have given some instructions so as to get solution of this.

Some machines have the Ink key on its control panel and if your device also has the ink key then press the Ink key.

If your machine does not have the ink key then you can follow the steps listed below:
1. Press the Menu key
2. Press the Up or Down Arrow to select the ink.
3. Now press the OK Key.

  • Now press the Up and Down Arrow key to select cleaning.
  • Now after you have selected then press the Ok Key.
  • Press the Up and Down arrow to select the type of ink you want to clean like
  • black, color or all. It depends which is more important to be cleaned first.
  • For touchscreen Models
  • Press the ink indicator.
  • Press cleaning.
  • Now select the ink which you want to clean, i.e., color, black or all.


The machine will start cleaning the print head when the cleaning gets finished; the device will go back to ready automatically. After trying this if you are facing such issues again then we recommend you to repeat the print head cleaning for each color so that the issue gets resolved correctly. If you don’t get a proper result then without wasting your time call on the brother printer support phone number and ask for help, they will help you.


How to clean brother print head nozzles?

Mainly the nozzle issue arises due to clogging and clogging happens when the ink inside the print head dries up, leaving a deposit of ink solids that clog the tiny holes through which the ink gets spread onto the paper, so to confirm that the nozzle is clogged or not print a Print Quality Check Sheet, after acquiring the sheet if you think that the vents are clogged then clean the print head thoroughly again and reprint the check sheet to ensure that it is cleaned.

  • Nozzle Cleaning on Printers with touch screens.
  • If your machine has a touch screen facility then tap the Ink button or Ink Indicator.
  • From there touch the cleaning option.
  • Now touch the one either “Black,” “Color” or “All” to clean the black nozzle, a single color nozzle or all four nozzles respectively.

Now, wait for the printer to finish cleaning the print head process. When done, it will return back to its ready position from where you can either print or generate a Print Quality Check Sheet to confirm that the cleaning was successful, if you are not satisfied with it then repeat the process twice or thrice to solve this issue, if after performing all these methods you fail then you must ask for help from brother printer helpline number they will undoubtedly assist you and will guide you properly how to fix this issue.


Nozzles Cleaning on Printers Without touch screens.

If your brother printer does not have the touch screen facility, then you can solve the problem of How to clean error in brother printer by just following the steps mentioned here.

Kindly Press your printer’s “Ink” key, it does not have then press the “Menu” key and scroll down to the ink option with the help of Up and Down Arrow, and then press Ok.

Now scroll with the Up and Down Arrow key to the cleaning option, and then press Ok and let the process start.

With the help of Up and Down Arrow, select the ink which you want to clean whether “Black,” “Colored” or “All” print heads and then press Ok to Key and begin the process.

Now allow the printer to complete the process and wait till it gets finished and when it gets completed then print a Print Quality Check sheet to check the effect of the cleaning process. If the print head is not cleaned yet then confirm with brother printer customer service phone number and tell them about How to clean error in brother printer, then they will support you so that you can get a better way How to clean error in brother printer.


Above we have discussed How to clean error in brother printer hope you all got aware with this that How to clean error in brother printer. It happens many times that after trying all these steps you don’t achieve the expected results, so in such situations feel free to call a brother printer phone number and take help from the technical team and get a better solution for your question.