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How to Fix a Canon U150 Error?

Today here in this article, we are going to provide the solution for How to Fix a Canon U150 Error, canon printers are used by millions of users, and the canon printers are made to produce high quality of prints. Hence, if any client inserts a non-canon ink cartridge, then this type of error takes place, so to stop this type of error to occur, all clients are suggested to use the original Canon printer cartridge.

There are many technical and non-technical errors which are faced by the users of canon, and each error should be resolved on time, to avoid significant issues.

The Canon U150 Error indicated on the screen of the computer that something is wrong with the ink cartridge, and thus, all clients should get the issue fixed by taking canon printer help from the experts.

Here below we have mentioned the method to resolve the issue, and we have also discussed the cause of the error, so scroll down and carefully follow the canon printer troubleshooting steps as instructed here below, we hope that with the help of these steps, it would be easy for all of you to get relief from the error.

Causes of Canon U150 Error

The Canon U150 Error occurs when due to some reason, a printer is not able to read the cartridge installed in the device. This issue usually arises when a non-canon ink cartridge is used instead of the original ink cartridge. The Canon printer programmed in such a way that an error message occurs when a non-canon ink cartridge used, to protect the printer from the low-quality ink cartridge.

Canon U150 Error arises when the gold contact on the front of the cartridge is blocked or are dirty.

The error message also arises when the ink cartridge not installed properly.

How to Fix the Canon U150 Error

For all valuable clients, we have here penned some instructions to fix Canon U150 Error. Therefore, all clients should follow the steps as mentioned here below, and we hope that the steps discussed below would be helpful for all of you.

Basic Method

  • Here we have mentioned the primary method which is, and through this method, one can quickly get relief from the error.
  • First of all, carefully open the cover and remove the compatible cartridge.
  • Now turn off the power supply of the printer.
  • Check whether the ink cartridge installed properly or not.
  • With the help of the dry tissue, clean the gold contacts of the ink cartridge.
  • Put it back to its original position and power On the printer.
  • If the error remains the same, then follow another method mentioned here below.

Method 1

  • First of all, open the output tray.
  • Now, turn On the printer.
  • Now open the scanning unit.
  • After this, the cartridge will move towards the center.
  • Now open the inner cover
  • Remove all cartridges
  • Now take the ink cartridge which is creating a problem
  • After this, remove the protective film, for that you are supposed to peel or tear off the orange tape along the dotted line.
  • Now put back the ink cartridges in the correct slots, now you will see a red indicator light that indicates that the ink cartridges inserted properly.
  • After this, close the inner cover.
  • Close the scanning unit also.
  • After this, the canon printer will start a print head cleaning cycle on its own.
  • Once the cleaning cycle gets completed, then the printer is ready to use.

Method 2

  • Install a new ink cartridge.

We hope that the information and the steps provided above in this post were helpful for all of you, and if you are pleased with the instructions penned above, then please do share this with your friends, so that they can also get relief from the Canon U150 Error.