How to Stop the HP Low Ink Message?

How to get rid of Blinking Lights on the HP Office jet 6000?

Many people have experienced such Blinking Lights on the HP Office jet 6000 issues and got it solved through Hp customer support, there might be many reasons behind this, but it depends on the status of the printer. The Resume, Network/Wireless, Power button lights, and Cartridge lights can all blink in distinct patterns to indicate the product status or error conditions.
Important: This document describes the light patterns on your product as blinking or flashing lights. In this document, “flashing” means the same as “blinking.”

There are different steps to be followed to solve this issue. Find the blinking lights pattern you are experiencing, and then follow the steps to resolve the issue.

Their night be many reasons behind this, and for that, we have provided one or more than one solution, so try each solution to solve this issues.

  • Issues: Power light: Blinking
  • Resume light: Blinking
  • Network/ Wireless light: Off
  • Cartridge light: Off

Solution 1: Clear paper jam

Follow these steps to clear the paper jam from your product.

  • Step 1: Remove the loose paper from the input and output tray.
  • Step 2: Clear the jam,
  • Note: Do not clear the paper jam from the front side as it can damage the mechanism.
  • Turn off the printer and then turn it to access its rear side
  • Now remove the rear access panel.
  • Gently remove if there is any paper jam in the printer.
  • Now reattach the rear access panel.
  • Open the top cover of the printer, and then remove if there are any torn pieces of paper from the opening.
  • Turn on the product, and then try printing again.


Solution 2: Make sure that carriage can move freely from its position.

The carriage might be stuck in the printer, use the following steps and make sure that the carriage can move freely.

  • Disconnect the power cord and USB cable from the back of the printer.
  • Now open the top cover.
  • Check whether the carriage is free to move from one side to another.
  • If there is any obstruction, then remove it to move freely
  • Now close the top cover.
  • After this reconnect the power cord and the USB cable to the back of the printer.
  • Try printing again.
  • Power light: On
  • Resume light: Blinking
  • Network/Wireless light: Off
  • Cartridge lights: All off
  • Solution One: Load paper in the input tray

If the product is out of paper, then use the following steps carefully to load the document in the tray.

  • Lift up the output tray.
  • Slide the paper width guide to its outermost position.

Load the print media side down along the right edge of the tray, make sure that the stack of the paper aligns with the right and back edge of the tray. Slide the paper width guide snugly against the paper and then lower the output tray.

  • Pull out the extension on the output tray.
  • Now press the resume button to continue the print job.


Solution 3: Check the print settings.

Go to settings and check the paper size settings in the printer driver might not match the size of paper loaded in the input tray, use the following steps to make sure that the paper size settings match with the paper size loaded in the input tray.

1. In the software program from where you are trying to print, click on the file, and then click print, now the print dialog box will open in front of you.
2. Now select your printer and click on properties, then the printer properties dialog box will appear on the screen.
3. Now click the printing shortcut tab.
4. Under the printing shortcut, click the type of job you are trying to print.
5. Now carefully check the paper size cutting which must be the same as the loaded one which is loaded on the input tray.
6. Now click OK and then click Ok again to start the print job.

So friends, please inform us how was our article on Blinking Lights on the HP Office jet 6000 so try following all these points and let us know about your experience. But if in any case, you fail to get success then you can also take help from Hp printer help number.