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How to get rid of the 5B00 error message on Canon printers?

Canon printer is considered as one of the best printers in the market and today here in this post, we are going to provide the right way to get relief from the printer  5B00 error, therefore, we hope that the details provided here in this post would be helpful for all of you.

The 5B00 error message on Canon printers is a very common and is encountered by many clients and thus to resolve the error, they all are suggested to follow the canon printer troubleshooting steps mentioned here below, we hope that with the help of the steps provided here below, it would be easy for all of you to get rid from the canon printer error.

The main reason is simply due to the improper usage of the proper ink cartridge or even may be due to continuous ink system installation if any of the users have installed of these ink then, they all are advised to avail canon printer help from the professionals of canon, or follow the steps as instructed here below.

Steps to fix Canon Printer Error Code 5b00- Canon Support

For all users of the canon who are facing this error for all of them, we have here mentioned some simple and easy steps, through which it could be easy for all of them to resolve the error. So, follow the steps as instructed here below.

Step 1Working with the printer

  • It is very important for all users that they have to turn off the printer at before, they proceed for the process.

Step 2: Stop button

  • Now press and then hold down the “STOP’ button for a while which symbolizes the “Red Triangle”

Step 3:  ON/OFF

  • While still, you have pressed the “STOP” button, one needs to push and then hold down the “ON/OFF” button.

Step 4:  Release the STOP button

  • After this, the next steps ask you to simply release the STOP button and then press it again for at-least 2 rapid taps by ensuring that the “ON / OFF” button is pressed.

Step 5:  Idle stage

  • After releasing all the buttons till you are able to see the word “idle” which is being displayed on the printer screen.

Step 6:  Working with the “STOP” button

  • Now press the “STOP” button for at least 5 rapid taps and then two times again quickly on the “ON/OFF” button.
  • Turn off the printer and then restart it normally.

We hope that you all are satisfied with the canon printer troubleshooting steps and if you are pleased with the details provided here above, then please share your experience with us, by leaving the valuable comments below and please do share this post with your friends, so that, they can also get rid from the printer error, and hence, if after trying all these steps, the issue remains the same, then without wasting your time, ask for canon printer help from the professionals, as they are always ready to guide the customer and provide the solution in minimal time period.