Brother printer is one of the most extensively used machines in the market, and it offers the most excellent printing quality documents at a very high speed. The users of brother printer can easily obtain documents as they are famous for one of the low cost printed aided with the superior printing quality of materials which make them unique, different and favorite among many.

When the electronic device used for a prolonged period, then getting a technical error is very common. The brother printers are prone to the technical hitches so that users may face many common issues; therefore, today we are going to provide the solution for Brother Printer Error Code 30.

How To Correct Brother Printer Error Code 30?

There are many victims of brother printer who encounter the brother printer error code 30, so for all of you, we have here mentioned some brother printer troubleshooting steps, so carefully read the instructions and follow the same as instructed here below. Being a machine there are several glitches like brother printer cartridge error, brother printer not printing error. Thus the brother printer error 30 is also one of the most common issues.


  • First of all, open the cover of the brother printer with the help of the tabs given on the printer.
  • The buttons found on the left and the right side of the printer.
  • Now shift the print head to the center.
  • After this, check and confirm that there should not be any piece of paper, staple or paper clip should be found there.
  • If applying these steps, the error remains the same, then proceed to the next procedure.


  • Initially, hold the scanner cover with the help of the tabs of the cover, placed on the left and the right side of the printer.
  • Now, carefully slide the print head over the right side under the cover to make sure that you have cleaned the encoder strip.
  • With the help of the lint-free cloth, tightly confine the encoder strip on both sides and scour the cloth down the piece from one end to the other at least three times.
  • Once you have applied these steps and the issue does not get fixed, then we have here mentioned another procedure, so follow the one discussed here below.


  • In the beginning, check the position of the encoder strip, whether it’s on the correct place or not.
  • Now, carefully open the printer and reinsert the strip once again.
  • Finally, restart the printer and check whether the issue gets resolved or not.

We hope that the three procedure provided here in this post was helpful for all of you to get relief of the brother printer error. All users of brother printers who are not satisfied with the solution provided here, they all should take brother printer help from the experts of brother printer service, as they are ready to assist round the clock.