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Instructions to be followed for Canon Printer Setup

Most printers are easy to setup and by following the manufacturer’s instructions or by the help of Installation disc, so today we are going to tell you the instructions to be followed for Canon printer setup, hope it would be beneficial for you, while trying this by your own you get misguided then please get immediate help from Canon customer service as they are ready to provide instant help to their valued customers.

If you are a beginner and you are new to computing and you don’t has a Disc or instruction for Canon printer setup then we are glad to guide for the same, there is a way that would be helpful for you for canon printer setup without the installation disc. Below we have provided the Canon printer setup instructions for both with and without CD, Probably the best advice for your canon printer setup is to call on canon support number and ask them to help you.

Installing a Canon Printer

There are many users of Canon printer who look for the Canon Printer Setup guide and they tries a lot to fix the problem by themselves but they get stuck somewhere because they didn’t get the proper guidance but now you don’t have to worry, because here you will be given the accurate solution for your problem but if you are trying it for the first time then you might face some problems for that don’t get demoralized, go and get canon technical support for your issue from canon customer service. So before you ask for assistance from Canon printer support just follow the steps as instructed below:

Installing a Canon Printer without Disc

Installation of canon printer is not a big deal but if you are trying to install it without CD then it would be a little tricky task, so for the Canon printer setup you must have the proper guidance for better results hence for you all here we have listed some steps which could be useful for you for Canon printer setup therefore follow the tips given below:

  • Step 1: First of all turn the device ON by plugging the cable into power outlet.
  • Step 2: Now with the help of USB connect the peripheral with your computer or laptop.
  • Step 3: The device will start installing on its own.
  • Step 4: If you are a window’s user then Open the Control Panel
  • Step 5: Choose the “Device & Printers” option.
  • Step 6: Now click on the option “Add a Printer” which will give an order to windows to go and search online for the printer’s driver.

So guys after following the above steps hope you got a satisfactory result but somehow didn’t get the exact solution which you were expecting then don’t hesitate and take help from canon printer support for canon printer setup.

Installing a Canon Printer

If you want to figure out the Canon printer setup then we are here to guide for this issue, so for you all we have posted some instructions below which will help you to resolve this problem and if you want to take some help then you are free to call on canon printer support number to fix this Canon printer setup problem. Hence do the same as instructed for the canon printer setup problem:

  • From the windows start button open the “HY install printers” from the HY folder.
  • Now enter the “Serial Number” of the printer in the search field.
  • After you have successfully entered the serial number now click on “Search” Option.
  • Printers corresponding to the search criteria (1) are visible below the search field in area (2)
  • The more detailed features of the printers are visible in the field (3).
  • Now finally click on Install the Printer
  • You will receive a confirmation that the installation succeeded.
  • Now click at the end which of the printer installed on your computer is the default printer, then Open “Devices and Printers” from the start menu.
  • If required you can easily change the “default printer”.
  • Now with the secondary button of your mouse, select the “set as default printer” from the menu that opens.
  • After this you will see a green mark which means that the default printer is ready to perform task.

So guys above we have provided some tips which would be useful for you for canon printer setup and after following the steps as instructed you get solution for Canon printer setup then it’s Ok, but if somehow you are satisfied with these instructions then you can take guidance from Canon customer service about Canon printer setup, therefore if you like our article then please inform us by leaving your valuable comments below and do share it with your friends and with those who are looking for the instructions for Canon printer setup.