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Most common canon printer ink cartridge problems

Welcome to our printer help blog where you can find best results for your printer related problems as in our today’s article we will be telling about most common canon printer ink cartridge problems, which would help you to fix your printer problem. Other problems in the printer can also be resolved easily by calling the authorized service center who has been serving their buyers in case if they face trouble with their printer. But below we are going to tell you about the most common canon printer ink cartridge problems hope you might get help by our today’s article.

 canon printer ink cartridge problems

Most common canon printer ink cartridge Errors & Faults

When you buy a printer everybody expect that one should not face any problem with their printer and if it happens than they can easily fix it without getting panic regarding the problem which they face with their printer. So scroll down because for you all we have provided perfect solution for most common canon printer ink cartridge problems, Guys sometime we get irritated from the printer if such bullshit error occurs because they are just like wastage of time as we all know that time is very crucial so keeping this thing in mind we are posting the best solution for most common canon printer ink cartridge Errors & Faults.
Unrecognization of Ink Cartridge : This is one of the most common canon printer problem that it is unable to recognize the ink as there is a software installed which detect that whether the cartridge is genuine or not and that software helps in detecting that which cartridge is compatible and which is not. It is specially recommended that with canon printer either you use All generic or All genuine cartridges.

Installation of Wrong Or Incorrect Cartridge: There is a micro chip used in the cartridge which tells that is the cartridge installed is correct or not.
Printing has white lines or missing prints: This issue might occur if the printer head is clogged partially. Sometimes the ink dries from the left portion from where the ink comes out. The solution for this problem is to clean the print head.
Wrong color Image printing: The main reason of this type of problem is that you might have forgotten to remove the “Breather tape” from the top of the cartridge or else a partially blocked print head. By printing a test page you can easily recognize which color is not printing.

Ink Levels not detected: This problem would occur while installing the new cartridge. If the printer is uneasy to recognize the ink level then always install the new cartridge when the printer is turned off and unplug it till the memory gets reset.

Vertical line on Page: This issue is very common when the drum unit in the toner cartridge is scratched. This can occurs for number of reasons and is not uncommon in re manufactured toners due to the Photosensitive Drum being marked and toner sticks to it and then transfers to the printed page. If this occurs replacing the toner with the new one is the only solution.

Excessive Grey Background: This is the most common printer problem which may indicate that the transfer roller in the toner needs to be replaced. Before replacing the toner or part of the toner try to reduce the density setting on the printer or using a light weight paper might be helpful. If neither if this works then try to replace the toner itself.

How to fix common canon printer ink cartridge faults and errors?

Apart from the above discussed most common canon printer ink cartridge problems there are several other problems which may one face while operating the Canon Pinter, so below we have listed some fine and easy solutions about How to Fix Common Canon Printer Ink Cartridge Faults and Errors.
Paper Jams: Among the other issues paper jamming is also a problem which occurs in canon printer. A printer jams due to many reasons like its dirty, or the wrong paper type is used. To solve this type of problem always pull the paper in the direction of the paper path because pulling it backwards can severely damage the printer.

Ghosting: Ghosting is a problem in which image prints properly but a much lighter copy of the image also prints elsewhere. The reason for this type of problem might be the power outlet from which the power is supplied to the printer. Ghosting May occurs when the consumable parts of the printer are near to the end of their life. To resolve this issue you need to replace those parts to eliminate ghosting.

Printer picks up all the paper from the manual feed tray rather than one sheet: The pad which is responsible for separating the paper has been broken down to recover this you can order the new one and install the new pad without sending the printer out for repair.hp printer support 24 7 possible now. It is possible that the paper is wet due to humidity.

Guys if are facing such most common canon printer ink cartridge problems then take our suggestions hope through these tips you can easily get a better solution for your problem and to fix these types of problem you just have to read the article and follow the same as written in the post so that you can easily fix the problems. Friends if you think that our articles are helpful for you so please share it with your friends and near and dear ones so that they can easily get a better and perfect solution of their problem.