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Why does my brother printer say it is paused?

Today we are going to tell you about Why does my brother printer say it is paused?, This is a prevalent problem which every other person face, and they ask how to fix this issue so for those users who are facing such questions we have posted some essential points which might help you to solve your problem or you got unsuccessful in your task then you can take help from brother printer customer service as they are providing facilities to their customers in order to fix their problems. So scroll down and get the appropriate solution for your question.

How to fix if the printer is paused?

This is a very hectic question that if your printer is working, but it is paused, then for that keep this thing in mind that the machine is powered on and there are no errors. Now you can quickly fix your brother printer problem, or you can also ask for assistance from brother printer service number, and you can avail this facility at any time because this is a 24*7 brother printer helpline service provided by the brother team for their valuable clients. You can also fix your problem on your own by following the simple steps listed below:

Check if your brother printer screen is blank then it may not be powered “ON,” check the machine if see if it wakes from the sleep mode.

If it does not wakes then make sure that the power supply cord is plugged into the socket and the power switch is avoided “ON.”

  • Note: If you are unable to power On then this solution does not apply, so to fix this you have to go to troubleshoot this hardware’s issue.
  • If the LCD shows an error message like Paper Jam or Ink toner Empty or any other, then troubleshoot the error to fix it.
  • Step A: Make sure that the printer is connected correctly to the computer.
    While you are using a USB cable, then make sure that the cable is connected to the printer and the computer correctly.
  • Try connecting it directly to the computer with the help of Hub.
  • If you are using an Ethernet cord, then make sure that the cable is connected to both printer and router/access point.
  • Now print the network configuration page to check the IP address.


How to unpause the brother printer?

If you are using a brother printer, and you are facing problem-related to pause like if your printer is showing pause and you to change it into unpause then you have to follow some tips which we are going to provide for you all, so you can take proper advantage of our article and which could help you to get out of your trouble. If after trying these steps at home you don’t get success then you can talk to brother printer support phone number they will assist you how to fix your problem.

  • Go to devices and printers window.
  • Right click and hold on your printer and see what’s printing.
  • Click of tap the printer tab, then unstick Use Printer Offline from menu bar.
  • If the printer is paused, then unstick pause printing from the menu.

How do you resume a paused printer?

If you are facing trouble while printing then you can quickly get out of trouble from How do you resume a paused printer for that you just have to follow the tips listed below, but before you follow the tips be sure that your printer must be in working condition and all the cables should be connected correctly, or if there is an issue they resolve it before you follow these tips so that there should not be any wastage of time.

Tip 1: Go to start menu
Tip 2: open the printers from the control panel.
Tip 3: Go to hardware and sound.
Tip 4: Now click on printers.
Tip 5: Check carefully if the option of pause is checked if checked then uncheck it.

So, guys, I hope you all would be pleased by reading our today’s article which is on Why does my brother printer say it is paused? Friends, there are many different ways to fix this issue as you can also follow the tips mentioned above, as from these tips you can get an idea about how to get rid from your trouble if you are in emergency, and if there is any major problem, and you would like to take help from others then instead of going to local vendors you should seek advice from brother printer phone number as this is a toll free number anybody which is facing such issues can ask for help from the well-trained team of brother. As they are happy to serve their clients to fix their problems, so dear viewers, please do share our article with your friends who are also suffering from such situations so that they can even get proper guidance to fix their problem. So keep supporting and keep sharing.