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Why does my canon printer say it is paused?

Guys this time we are going to give you a solution about Why does my canon printer say it is paused?, While performing the job sometimes it happens that your printer gets paused automatically and you notice that the power supply cord is connected properly, so you get confused that all the connections are ok there is no disconnection of wire, but still the job get paused. So to solve this problem, you call on Canon printer support number, and they help you to get out of such issues. But according to me, you must try to solve this by your own, and if you get unsuccessful in the task, then you should take help from the canon customer service to explain your problem, i.e., canon printer say it is paused.


How to resume a job when the canon printer say it is paused?

If you have proper knowledge of computer then you can quickly solve this problem i.e. canon printer say it is paused when your because if you are not aware of it then you should not take your printer to the local vendors to resolve this problem just have to call on canon printer helpline number as they will assist you to get rid of your question, or before calling them you can try yourself to solve this problem by getting help from our tips listed below.

  • When you Start printing the printer status window appears on the screen.
    If the job is paused, then unpause the button in the tab.
  • Now click the button for the desired operation you want from among the job operations listed there.
  • Now if you want to unpause the job then click the icon if it is paused to unpause it.


How to resolve when my canon printer say it is paused?

In Windows, you can pause and unpause your job easier, if we talk about how to resolve when my Canon printer say it is paused then you have to do some changes from your settings option before you start printing something. So to get free from this problem you must follow these easy steps to get rid of your canon printer problem. For this, we will guide you properly so that you can quickly resolve this problem, but keep this thing in mind that if you fail, then there might be some canon printer setup problem or maybe canon printer installation problem.


When starting to print something in windows a printer icon is shown in the windows notification area, right-click this icon. If the printer icon does not appear then click on the up arrow in the notification area to display all the images.

Now click Open All Active Printers.

Right click on the current job if it is paused the right click on the current position and untick the pause option, as this will make the position unpause.
Solve this issue from the control panel.

This is an alternative option to resolve this problem; you can also change the pause option into the unpause one with the help of these points listed below.
First of all, open the control panel option from your windows.
Now open the devices and printers, or there might be something else it depends on the version of Windows which you are using.

After this double click on the name of the printer that is being used.
If there is any print job left pending and the printer gets paused then go to the current position then right click on the job then from there click the paused option, then it will get unpause.

How to recover when canon printer say it is paused?

If you are using a printer and you want to get a perfect solution for How to recover when canon printer say it is paused, you can not print your job until you unpause it. This setting is used mainly for maintenance purpose, so you have to resolve this issue with the help of the steps drawn below, or you can also take advice from canon support. So get down and receive guidance from the points to resolve your canon printer issue.

  • To unpause the printer
  • First of all left click start in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Now left click on the control panel.
  • Now double click “Drivers and Printers” or “Printers and Faxes”.
  • In the window where you will see your printer, double-click your printer.
  • This screen will show you active print jobs, to unpause the printer click File then click “Unpause printing”

So guys hope this helps you in getting out of trouble from your canon printer say it is pause problem, therefore please let us know about how was your experience after reading this post, if you got proper guidance from our article then do share our material with those who are suffering from such issues and are unable to get rid from this problem and they would like to take help from canon printer help.