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Avail Printer Help To Fix Streaking Issue

Printers are prone to several issues that may affect the quality of prints. Many users report regarding the white lines in the prints. So, it leads to a very impression while you are at the workplace and you encounter printer error. Hence, in this post, we have penned the printer troubleshooting steps to fix the printer problem.

printer troubleshooting

Many clients face streaking issue while printing. Therefore, the clients who get stuck with the printer problem; they all are suggested to carefully go through the printer troubleshooting steps and get rid of the printer error.

Streaking lines cause due to different reasons, and it is a widespread printer problem. However, the clients who are facing the issue, they all are suggested to Avail Printer Help To Fix Streaking Issue from the professionals of printer service and get an accurate solution for the printer problem.

Sometimes people face streaking issue, due to which they waste maximum papers. But don’t worry, because for all victims we have mentioned the printer troubleshooting steps through which, it become easy for all of them to resolve the printer error.

Ways To Fix Streaking Issue

There are different ways to deal with the streaking issue. Hence keeping this thing in mind, we have here discussed the straightforward printer troubleshooting steps through which it becomes easy for all of you to fix the issue.

Clean out the dirty print head

The streaking issue appears due to the sloppy print head. Therefore, to fix the printer error, clean the print head by following the steps as discussed here below.

Go to the printer settings.

From there, choose the clean printheads option.

If the option is not there, then the users are recommended to manually clean the print head with the help of a cotton swab and distilled water.

printer troubleshooting

Ensure the Printer Alignment

When the printing device runs out of alignment, then streaked lines on the paper arises. To fix the issue, follow the printer troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, run the device’s menu through the device itself or via the system.
  • After this, find the calibrate printer option.
  • By doing this will recalibrate the printring device and serve to fix and stop streaking.

If the calibration option is not available then with the help of the user manual, follow the step by step instructions. So, though that one can run the calibration settings based on the particular model.

Correct Print Quality Settings

If the print quality of too bad, then the streaking lines may arise. Therefore, change the print quality by following the printer troubleshooting steps discussed below.

  • Visit the control panel and open the device settings option.
  • After this, select options and then after this, click on Advanced option on the device.
  • With the help of the drop-down menu, change the quality settings.
  • Make sure that the settings like “Low” or “Quick Draft” are not selected and slightly change print settings to “Best Quality” or “High.”
  • Make sure that the proper (DPI) dots per inch ratio and resolutions gets selected on the snap before printing.
  • One can change settings by selecting the “Preview” button before printing an assignment and choosing the Advanced option from the pop-up print menu.

If after trying these printer troubleshooting steps, the issue remains the same. Then the clients are recommended to Avail Printer Help To Fix Streaking Issue from the professionals of printer service as the experts are ready to assist throughout the day and night. So, if you all find the details informative, then share this post with others who are also looking for the solution to fix the streaking issue.

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