1. Free Service Provider:

Printersupports.online is a free computer support provider company which offers computer assistance to third party brands, products and services. Even the Printersupports.online offers paid computer support services for products, brands, and services to those with whom we have no indirect or direct affiliation until such relationship is specified. All the third party brands,

logos (symbol) trademarks, products and company names mentioned on this website used for only representation purposes and that they belong to their owners. Computer support might be provided free of charge by the brand owners.


2. Warranty Insurance:


Most of the software and hardware products covered under manufacturers warranty during a particular time of use. Thus, if your product is under warranty, the support services may be available free for you. Printersupports.online recommends you to contact the original supplier of the product in such situations.


3. Remote Access To Computer:


In the terms and condition, kindly review the Software Support Tool and Remote Access.


4. Service Exclusion:


In the Printersupports.online read “Service Exclusion kindly. Thus, getting refer to that, you will surely understand or know the terms and conditions of the service. And also, you will realize that these services did not include in the 1-year or multi-year maintenance contract.


5. Diagnostic Software Of The Third-Party :


Printersupports.online uses third-party software when it’s essential for diagnosing and fixing the issue. The software tools which we used are from leading industries such as Microsoft (e.g. Microsoft Security

Essentials), Malwarebytes, or AVG (AVG Tune up) etc. Some of these third-party tools are freely available by which you can obtain directly from these sites. Printersupports.online does not charge for these free software.


6. Proprietary Software:


Recently, Printersupports.online did not use or sell any proprietary computer repair software or diagnostic tools.


7. No Automatic Renewals:


Recently, it is our policy not automatically to renew our subscribers.