printer troubleshooting

Easy Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Get Printer Connected With Mac

This activity depends on two things the kind of printer you are using if it’s the latest model; it would definitely support the “Air print application” by default. In case you are using an older version, you will have to download the appropriate driver for the printer that is compatible with Mac. All these updated versions of the printer drivers are easily available on Google. You can either download it for free or pay a nominal amount and download a licensed version from the internet.

printers usually come with a wifi enablement feature; you need to connect the printer to Mac wifi you can use your login id and password and configure the printer to your Mac system as required. Please note in case the printer utilizes a wifi protected setup then you can check the router manual in order to learn how to set this up.

How Do You Add a Printer to Mac

Please note the printer can be added to your Mac from the settings tab select device and printer option. This will show you the available printers in your network. Please select your printer from the available list right click on the printer this will help you set up the printer to MAC as a default printer as per your requirement. 

Printer Is Not Visible On Mac

There could be a situation where your printer is not visible on your Mac and it’s giving you an error message printer not found. The other error message that may pop up is the software is not available for y0our device. Pirated printer software might create synchronization issues on your Mac. All kinds of possible errors are listed in the printer manual please check for the possible errors it will be a good guiding tool or you may contact to easy printer service.

Air Print & Mac

Being an air print enabled on the printer is always better, as a user you need to ensure that the printer is connected to the same wifi network as the MAC. Printer and wifi router both can be restarted so that they are in sync with each other. The printer should be accessible from the range of the wifi router. Ensure the latest wifi software is installed for both printer and your MAC. Ensure the printer settings are aptly set no antivirus or firewall is blocking the same.

printer troubleshooting

USB Printer & Mac 

If you have an older version of printer which is USB enabled securely connect the printer to MAC. You can turn off the printer and then turn it on again to see that it is connected to your MAC securely. Easy Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Get Printer Connected With Mac the bright side of Mac is that itself downloads all the software as per the requirement and need of the device the user can use all the functions based on the updated software. 

Please wait for your printer to start up and restore its settings, from the menu available in Mac select the option of “printer and scanner” and add the relevant printer to it. 

Remove any safety equipment available on the connect printer to mac, securely install printer cartridges, a printer driver can be downloaded from the system preferences. If the printer status shows as Idle it means that your Mac can detect the printer but the printer is not used. Please add the printer as a default printer from the settings tab in the Mac device. Click on the available printer name now and complete the available setup. Once the setup is complete you can use the printer as per your need and requirement.

printer troubleshooting

It is seen that occasionally a disconnected status springs up on Mac when attempting to take a printout. It proposes that the Mac OS can’t speak with the associated printer and it is an irritating mistake without a doubt, yet it could be just that the printer might be killed or a USB association is loose.This is the main activity when printer disconnected blunder shows up on any OS. Pursue the beneath steps to ensure that. Easy Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Get Printer Connected With Mac preceding continuing with these means, ensure the printer is associated by checking in the event that it shows up on the rundown of gadgets on your framework.

  • Switch off the printer by pushing on its capacity catch, and afterward sit tight for 5 seconds.
  • Unplug the USB link associated with the gadget’s back.
  • Switch on the printer. It may start printing lined archives, so sit tight for it to finish that and turn quiet preceding continuing.
  • Hang tight for 5 seconds, and reconnect the link to your printer. While at it, guarantee the link sits safely on the USB port of the printer. In the event that it starts to print, let it complete that before proceeding onward to the subsequent stage.
  • Retry printing. In the event that it does, you are a great idea to go. If not, read on to figure out how to turn printer online over a remote system.
How to Reset Printer Settings?

Delete all printers and drivers available, you are required to reinstall the device and drivers this is applicable only to the USB printer and not Air printers. The Air printers work through the Air print applications added to your device. From the dialogue box in the printer settings click on resets printer settings. This will help you run your print commands smoothly and effectively.

To conclude we can say that we can connect the printer to mac is very easy to set up with the Mac. All the above points need to be kept into consideration so that the printer can smoothly carry out all print commands. An air print technology makes printing easier with and Mac device. Please ensure the wifi is connected at all times. The printer works smoothly with all the drivers installed correctly. It also allows you to do heavy-duty printing with Air print technology.

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