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Effective Way To Solve Canon Printer Jam Issue

Nowadays, technologies are making our life easy and also helps us to save our precious time. In a flick of seconds, we can do anything or everything. In earlier times, people use prints on papers with a pen. But now with the help of printers, people can quickly get their document printed at high quality and as well as in a few seconds.

On the other side, if printers get used for an extended period, then there are many technical printer errors which are faced by the user. The printer is an essential part of the offices, and if anyhow the document didn’t get printed on time, then that is the most frustrating and irritating moment. When a user starts facing printer error, then the machine becomes a cause of time waste.

The clients may face canon printer jam issue which performing the tasks, thus at that time clients are suggested to fix the printer error with these printer troubleshooting steps mentioned here below, instead of getting irritated from the printer error.

Causes of Canon Printer Jam

Preventing Paper Jam Error in Canon Printer

Here we have discussed the cause of printer jam, so scroll down and carefully read the information provided here below. After reading the reason for printer jam, for all victims we have provided the printer troubleshooting steps, so follow the Effective Way To Solve Canon Printer Jam Issue.

  • Paper inserted incorrectly
  • Damaged rollers
  • Low-quality paper
  • Low-quality printer cartridges

Preventing Paper Jam Error in Canon Printer

It is essential that the user must know how to prevent paper jam error in canon printer, so here we have discussed the ways to avoid paper jam printer error. Therefore, collect the necessary details from here below, and stop the canon paper jam error in canon printer.

  • Do not mix paper sizes, while printing multiple pages.
  • Be very careful that the paper is arranged properly in the printer tray.
  • Do not overload the printer tray, always fill paper according to the capacity.
  • Always use standard office paper.

Steps To Solve Canon Printer Jam Issue

If the papers are not aligned properly in the printer tray than it results in the printer jam issue, or even when the paper inserted by the users get folded, or there is any frayed paper in the printer tray. Effective Way To Solve Canon Printer Jam Issue another primary reason behind the printer jam issue could be the overloading of papers in the printer tray. So here we have mentioned some printer troubleshooting steps for fixing canon printer jam issue, therefore, follow as instructed here below.

Turn the Printer Off

  • If the user faces the printer jam error, then they are suggested to immediately switch off the canon printer to stop the printer damaging itself.

Turn the Printer Off

Locate the Problem

  • Carefully open the lid of the printer, have a look around.
  • By doing this, you will be able to see where the paper has become crumpled or jammed.
  • To locate the source of the canon printer jam problem, open the rear side of the printer and get a clear view.

Remove the paper

  • Remove the trapped sheet of the paper, and the best way is to take out all paper in the tray not plucked in a jam.
  • Now, slowly and gently remove the jammed sheet, pulling it in the same direction that the printer prints in.

Avoid Ripping the paper

  • To avoid the printer from getting damaged, kindly rotate the roller to free up the sheet and then safely remove the jammed sheet.
  • Avoid taking the help of a screwdriver, as this can cause harm to the printer.

Turn On the printer again

Turn On the printer again

  • Once you have carefully taken the trapped paper and avoided any rips, close the printer’s lids and turn ON the device again.
  • Now perform the test print to see the printer is working correctly.

If after applying these printer troubleshooting steps the issue did not get resolved, then feel free to ask for printer help from the experts of printer service. Please do share this article with the victims who are also looking for the Effective Way To Solve Canon Printer Jam Issue.

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