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How to Fix Printing Issues on HP Photo smart Printer?

Good day friends in this article we are going to inform you about How to Fix Printing Issues on HP Photo smart Printer?, as we all know that hp photo smart printer are all in one because they print, scan and copy as well as are easily available at excellent price. One can easily print without the help of computer as it has a feature of memory card in it, for which you just have to plug in your memory card and all set you are ready to print. So keep scrolling downwards and you will get the perfect solution of your problem about how to Fix Printing Issues on HP Photo smart Printer?

How to solve printing problem for HP Photo smart printer?

Let us tell you some important tips which would help you regarding How to solve printing problem for HP Photo smart printer? If you are unable to print or your printer is spitting out some improper prints then follow these steps it would definitely help you in troubleshooting your printing problem for HP Photo smart printer, you might face many problems to get rid from your trouble so as to skip those problems you just have to follow these simple steps like the same order that are mentioned below.

If you are unable to connect or print to your Hp photo smart printer in Window 10, so just follow these steps and try to fix the problem:

Before you start performing the task be sure that the printer is plugged in the power supply and turned on of course, check the wireless connection ( for wireless printer ) or the USB connection ( for wired printer) is properly connected.

If in any case none of the above step work then download and run the printing troubleshooter.

printer issue

If you are still facing this problem then your printer needs a new driver, for that right click on the start button, and select the device manager. Expand printers find your printer in the list and right click on it and then select the Update driver option.

Advanced Method to solve printing problem for HP Photo smart printer.

If the previous troubleshooting step is not successful then go for the Advanced Method to solve printing problem for HP photo smart printer. To perform this task you may need to clear spooler files and restart the spooler service. To avail those services you have to follow these steps.

In the search box on the taskbar type Services, then select the search result for the same name you want.

In the Services list double click on the print spooler. Select Stop>OK.
From the search box on the taskbar type %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers, select the file folder in the search results, and then delete all files in the folder.

  • Then search for open Services again
  • In the Service list double click on the Print spooler.
  • Now select Star and in the Startup type list, make sure that Automatic is selected and then select Ok.

How to solve Hp printing issue after window 10 upgrade?

Upgrading window 10 can bring a little bit problems you never had to deal with before such as frequent incompatibility, bugs and widespread and relative sluggishness if you have came over from using windows 7.Windows 10 printing issues are infamous for getting in the way of serious work, although it mostly get resolved with few troubleshooting steps, below are some step which would help you tackle Hp printer issue in window 10.

Make sure all the windows updates are installed

If any installation or updates are going on then make sure that it must get completed, because this includes software’s and drivers which plays a vital role when you are dealing with a printer issue. If an update has failed to install or download, it may show up as technical issues in your printer. See that all the necessary drivers has been updated, so that the connected devices can perform functioning easily with the PC.

Solution five: Check ink levels, and then replace any low or empty cartridges

Low ink can add to poor print quality. Follow these means to check the ink levels, and afterward supplant low or void cartridges as per the outcomes.

Stage one: Check the ink levels

1. From the control board home screen, contact the Right Arrow ().

2. Contact Ink (). The present ink levels show.

Stage two: Replace any drained cartridges

Watch a video or utilize the accompanying strides to supplant a drained cartridge.

Video of supplanting the cartridges

The accompanying video shows how to supplant a cartridge.

In the event that you experience difficulty seeing the video or to see the video in an alternate size, click here to play the video on YouTube.

1. On the off chance that the printer is off, press the Power catch to turn on the printer.

2. Open the ink cartridge get to entryway. The carriage moves to the entrance territory.

3. Press the tab on the facade of the ink cartridge internal to discharge it, and afterward pull up on the ink cartridge to expel it from the opening.

4. Expel the saran wrap from another ink cartridge by pulling the orange tab.

Arrangement six: Print and assess a Print Quality Diagnostic Report

Follow these means to print a test page, and afterward assess the outcomes.

Stage one: Print a Print Quality Diagnostic Report

Follow these means to print a test page.

1. Burden plain white U.S. letter or A4 size paper in the plate.

2. From the control board home screen, contact the Right Arrow (), and afterward contact the Setup symbol ().

3. Contact Tools, and afterward contact Print Quality Report. A Print Quality Diagnostic Report prints.

Check the Print Spooler Service.

  • Head to services check here if the spooler is running.
  • If the service shows as ON but it is not working try stopping it and restart it again.
  • Ensure that spooler is in active mode.

Reinstalling the HP driver

If the above mentioned method fails to solve your window 10 printing issue then another thing i.e. uninstall and reinstall the printer software and driver.
Head to start and open control panel .Inside the control panel you have to find Hp Printer software then select and uninstall it and remove it completely from the computer. Now reinstall the software by opening the installer file and following the wizard prompts. While on the process reinstall the drivers one by one, ensuring that the one you are setting up is compatible with the OS version.

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HP prints and scans doctor

Hp provides a software tool with its printers, which you can use to troubleshoot pertinent issues. It is called as HP print and scan doctor, you can download the latest version online for free. How to Fix Printing Issues on HP Photo smart Printer? Whatever problem you are facing this HP print and scan doctor software will help you to solve it.

Hope guys you are fully satisfied with our new content on How to Fix Printing Issues on HP Photo smart Printer?, so follow the steps instructed above and get a proper solution for your problem. And still you face such problems then call on Hp toll free number for that you can click on this link HP SUPPORT NUMBER , guys please leave your comments below and let us inform that if we are somewhere wrong in misguiding you so that we can improve our content for your better output, because your feedback matters a lot for us and we are happy to serve you, so keep supporting and keep sharing and we guess that you all like our today’s article on How to Fix Printing Issues on HP Photo smart Printer?.

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