How to Get the Mac to Recognize the Wireless Printer?

When the customer is using the Hp scanner, and suddenly an error pops up on the screen, regarding Hp scanner not working. So at that time, instead of getting confused with the error, try to fix the printer error yourself.

So, is your Hp scanner not working? Here are easy hacks to fix this issue. Therefore, the victims who are in search for the solution, they are at the right platform. Because, from here the user can get an appropriate way to fix Hp Scanner not working error.

Why is my HP scanner not working?

The cause of this printer problem could be various and sometimes hard to identify. The scanner not working issue includes scanner won’t scan, or the scanner not detected by your computer errors pop up when you’re using your scanner, etc.

If there is any connection problem then that can also prevent your scanner from connecting to the computer.

One of the most possible reasons behind Hp scanner not working is the problem with the software.

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The most effective method to Get the Mac to Recognize the Wireless Printer

Macintosh OS X Mountain Lion consequently downloads and introduces drivers for new printers distinguished on the framework. Utilizing a remote printer on your organization’s system makes it more affordable to associate the entirety of your PCs to a similar printer, since you don’t need to buy printer links and costly systems administration equipment for every PC. How to Get the Mac to Recognize the Wireless Printer? representatives can send print occupations legitimately to the printer without the requirement for a physical wired association. Given your remote printer has been set up accurately, you can include your printer utilizing the implicit Print and Scan highlight of OS X.

1. Force on your remote printer and complete the underlying arrangement guidelines to associate your printer to the system. Remote printers have screens that permit you to choose a remote system and enter a secret key for the system, if relevant.

2. Snap the Apple menu and afterward select “Programming Update…” This checks to ensure there aren’t any more up to date forms of your printer drivers and programming.

3. Snap the Apple menu, at that point “Framework Preferences.”

4. Snap “Print and Scan” from the Hardware area.

5. Snap the “+” button. Select your printer from the Nearby Printers rundown, or snap “Include Printer or Scanner” from the rundown of alternatives if your printer doesn’t show up in the Nearby Printers list.

6. Snap the “Default” tab and select your printer, if accessible. In the event that your printer isn’t accessible, click on the “IP” tab and enter the IP address of the printer. You may need to get this data from your framework director. Leave different alternatives at the default settings. Snap “Include.”

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How to fix HP scanner not working

Here for all of you, we have mentioned the printer troubleshooting steps for all of you. So, carefully read the steps penned here below and apply the same as instructed here below.

Check the Connection Error

If you want to use the scanner, then make sure that the device is turned ON.

Then check if there is any connection issue.

If you are using the USB to connect the scanner, and then carefully check that the USB port and USB cable working properly.

Make sure that the computer has a good internet connection, and the scanner which you are using connects to the computer under the same internet.

In case, if you are using VPN, then try disconnecting the VPN from your computer and scanner too.

Enable Windows Image Acquisition service & related services

The windows Image Acquisition is a Microsoft model that allows graphics software to commune with imaging hardware such as camera and scanner. So, if your scanner is not working then enable the WIA service in your computer. Therefore, for that you have to perform these necessary printer troubleshooting steps.

Press the windows and the R button on the keyboard together to open the Run dialog box.

After this, type services.msc and then click on OK.

Now scroll down and double click on Windows Image Acquisition (WIA).

After this, carefully check that the start up type is set Automatic, and the service status is running.

Now, if the service status is running, then click on stop to stop the service and then again click on start to re-enable the service.

To save the changes, click on Apply and then Ok.

After this restart the computer and try to use the Hp scanner once again and see if it works now.

Update your scanner driver

Sometimes, a missing or the outdated driver can also cause the Scanner not working error. So, keep the scanner driver software up-to-date.

There are two methods to update the scanner driver i.e. manually and automatically.

Manually update scanner driver

Go to the official website of the scanner manufacturer.

Find the latest driver of your scanner and get it installed in your computer.

Automatically update scanner driver

Here we have mentioned the steps for all of you to automatically update scanner driver.

First of all, download and install the driver Easy.

After this, run driver easy and then click on scan now.

Now the driver easy will scan your computer and detect if there would be any problem.

Click on the Update button which is mentioned next to the scanner to download the latest driver. Install it in your computer.

To automatically download and install all problem drivers in your system, click on the Update All option.

To look after the affect, restart the computer.

Troubleshoot hardware problems

If there is something wrong with your scanner, then to fix the issue, run the trouble shooter in your computer. For that, we have here penned the steps for all of you, so look at the steps carefully and apply the same as instructed here below.

In your computer, open the control panel.

After this, click on the troubleshooting.

Now click on the hardware and sound.

The client is recommended to click on the Hardware and Devices option.

Now follow the on-screen instructions to get troubleshoot completed and resolve the detected issue.

Run System File Checker

The System File Scanner is a built-in windows feature that enables the user to scan the corrupted system files and get them repaired automatically.

If in case, there would be any corrupted file then that will lead to the HP scanner not working issue. So for that we have here penned the necessary steps for all of you.

In the search toolbar, type CMD.

After this, right click on the Command Prompt and from there select run as Administrator.

Now in the command prompt type SFC/scanner and then click on Enter option.

Wait for the verification to get completed 100%, this will take a while.

Once the process gets complete, then type exit in the command prompt and close the windows type Enter.

Now restart your computer and check if the scanner begins to work again.

We hope that you all are satisfied with the printer troubleshooting steps for Is your Hp scanner not working? Here are easy hacks to fix this issue were useful. So, please do share this with your friends, so that they can also easily fix the Hp scanner not working issue easily with the help of the easy hacks provided above in this post.

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