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How to resolve Brother Printer cartridge not recognized issue?

Are you among those users who are getting frustrated with the Brother Printer cartridge not recognized issue, then here for all of you, now you don’t have to panic for that anymore because here we have mentioned some solution. Therefore follow the steps as mentioned here in this post, we hope that with the help of these steps, it would be easy for all of you to get relief from the brother printer cartridge problem.

Many clients are using brother printer across the globe, and they all are satisfied with the high quality of prints and as well as with the speed of the brother printer.

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The cartridge of the brother printer does not have any electrical contact to misread, and as well as the ink discovered by the cartridge is by the use of lasers and light that makes more popular than competitors.

In case any user place the cartridge incorrectly then this type of issue takes place, or there could be any other reason behind this issue also. So to get relief from this issue, the experts of brother are always there to provide brother printer to their clients, and hence the users can communicate with the experts through the helpline number, or they can also get in touch with them through the online chat facility.

Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink

Most Brother Printers (up until mid 2013) utilize 2 little infa-red bars which distinguish the ink levels and furthermore wether there is in actuality a cartridge introduced in the printer.

Shockingly because of various factors now and then the printer doesn’t recognize that another cartridge has been introduced.

This normally happens either if the cartridge is supplanted before the printer prompts you to supplant the cartridge or when the cartridge is supplanted with the printer killed. You ought to consistently supplant the ink cartridges when the machine is ON and just when provoked to do as such.

If the printer doesn’t distinguish that you have supplanted the cartridge essentially expel ALL cartridges and individually introduce them once more. Subsequent to introducing every cartridge and shutting the entryway you ought to be incited by the printer eg: Did you supplant the Black Cartridge ?

For each situation basically press YES and proceed with re introducing the cartridges each in turn utilizing a similar procedure. On the off chance that you find that this despite everything doesn’t work, at that point with the entirety of the cartridges despite everything introduced, unplug the printer from the divider for 20 mins and this will reset the memory.

In the event that this despite everything flops on a portion of the more current Brother printers, at that point it very well may be brought about by a stuck buoy in the ink level window. These Ink cartridges have a little buoy which sits over the ink inside the little window at the front of the cartridge and if this is stuck or broken this issue can happen.

printer catridge

Why Reset Brother Ink Cartridges

You may decide to reset your Brother ink cartridge on the off chance that you are being provoked by the printer to supplant the cartridge. Printers frequently report that ink cartridges are totally vacant when, actually, there is still enough ink in the cartridge to print a page or two or here and there much more. How to resolve Brother Printer cartridge not recognized issue? this is done to get you to purchase new ink cartridges more frequently than you truly need to. The printer may not permit you to print anything until the cartridges have been supplanted or you have reset the cartridge.

You may likewise decide to reset your Brother ink cartridge in the event that you really have supplanted it yet your printer isn’t perceiving the new cartridge. Most printers will quickly recognize that another ink cartridge has been introduced yet some may not if the printer’s ink discovery isn’t working effectively.


Resetting a Brother ink cartridge is certainly not a changeless fix. You might have the option to press a couple of more print employments out of a cartridge after a reset yet you will in any case need to supplant the cartridge as quickly as time permits. You may consider checking with nearby office supply stores to check whether you can top off as opposed to supplant the cartridge as it is regularly less expensive than purchasing a fresh out of the plastic new cartridge.

On the other hand, you can verify whether an outsider printer ink organization makes ink for your Brother printer. Keep an eye on destinations like Amazon, eBay and others to check whether outsider ink is accessible for your printer via looking through your printer’s model number. Outsider ink cartridges are frequently significantly less expensive than the official Brother ink cartridges.

So here below for all troubled clients, we have penned some instructions through which it would be easy for all of them to get relief from the error. Thus, all clients are suggested to follow the steps as instructed here below.

Why does this happen?

There are many occasion like while installing a new ink cartridge, this type of error appears on the screen which we have mentioned here below.

  • The printer may say” ‘toner is not compatible
  • The printer may say ‘printer cartridge not detected‘ or your printer cannot detect ink.
  • An indication of a low or empty level of ink and toner displayed on your computer
  • A message on your printer warning “no cartridge installed” (or words to that effect)
  • Flashing warning lights displayed on your printer

If you are getting these types of error on your computer screen, then for all of you, we have here mentioned some instructions through which it would be easy for all of you to solve the error, and hence follow the brother printer troubleshooting steps as mentioned here below.

Steps to Resolve Brother Printer cartridge not recognized issue

Here below we have discussed the simple and easy steps for all of you, therefore, all clients are suggested to follow the steps as mentioned here below, as with the help of these steps. It would be easy for all of them to fix the error easy and if the error remains the same, then avail instant brother printer help from the professionals of the brother company.

Step 1

  • First of all, lift the cover of the printer.

Step 2

  • After this, take away the ink cartridge and then pull the white plastic in the direction of you.

Step 3

  • Now set up all the printer cartridges at the moment.

Step 4

  • Now follow the printer’s demand and then fix every single cartridge carefully.
  • Note: Do this procedure in the proper order, no matter how much want to rebel against a machine’s instructions.

Step 5

  • At this point, it will ask you, if you’ve altered the cartridge carefully, and press 1 for each step.
  • After this, it will start the cleaning cycle.

If trying all these issues, the error remains the same then the clients are strictly recommended to take brother printer help from the experts and ask them to guide you, or you should take your printer to the authorized brother printer service center and get the solution for the same. So that you can easily use your brother printer, please do share this post with your friends, so that they can also get an idea to solve the error.

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