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How to Resolve the Paper Feed on a Brother Printer?

Brother printers used for professional as well as personal use, and there are a million of users across How to Resolve the Paper Feed on a Brother Printer?the globe who are using brother printer, and they all are happy and are satisfied with the printing speed and as well as the with the quality of prints.

The brother printers considered as one of the best printers, but still, many customers encounter an issue while printing, and they all are recommended to take brother printer from the experts.

Many clients face Paper Feed issue while using the brother printer. Hence to fix the error we have here provided the Brother printer troubleshooting steps, and along with that we have also discussed the reasons too, therefore, read the cause along with the solution, How to Resolve the Paper Feed on a Brother Printer? we hope that the steps provided here would be helpful for all of you.

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Step to Fix Brother Printer Paper Feed Issue

We hope here mentioned some steps to Fix Brother Printer Paper Feed Issue, therefore, follow the steps as instructed here below.

Reason 1: Wrong position of Photo Bypass Tray

It could also be a reason which may lead to the issue, so to deal with this error, while printing, when you take photos printing, change the position of the bypass try. If you do not bring it back to its normal printing position, you will see that there won’t be any paper feed issue. Therefore, check the position of the bypass tray to fix the problem.

Reason 2: The printer is out of paper or the paper is not loaded properly

  • In this case, do any one of these steps as mentioned here below.
  • Remove the paper and carefully reload the paper.
  • Refill the paper tray carefully
  • Then press OK.

Reason 3: The paper is jammed

In this case, remove the paper carefully from the machine by following the instructions mentioned in the user manual. If the error occurs while doing two-sided print or copy, How to Resolve the Paper Feed on a Brother Printer?then, in that case, the paper feed rollers are tinted with ink, so for that follow the steps as mentioned here below.

  • From the socket, unplug the brother printer.
  • After this, pull out the paper tray carefully.
  • Now with a soft, moist cloth, carefully clean the front side of the roller in side by side motion.
  • Wipe the roller with a dry cloth, make sure that there is no moist.
  • Now, after this, clean the back side of the roller by lifting the Jam Clear flap.
  • Use the soft, moist cloth and dry cloth as in the above step.
  • Now carefully place the tray back into the machine.
  • After this, re-connect the power supply.

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Reason 4: Paper pick-up rollers have paper dust.

  • This could also be the reason, so to fix this error, carefully follow the steps as mentioned here below.
  • First of all clean the paper dust.
  • cut the power supply From the Brother printer.
  • Now, take the paper tray out from the printer.
  • At the back of the printer, look for the jam clear cover.
  • With the help of the soft, moist cloth, clean the paper pick up rollers.
  • For complete cleaning, keep turning the roller gently.
  • To remove the moisture, use a soft cloth and wipe the roller.
  • Now close the Jam clear cover properly.
  • Put the paper tray back to its original position and switch ON the printer.

Reason 6: The paper tray is not inserted properly

  • To resolve this issue, follow the steps as mentioned here below.
  • Carefully, take the paper tray out from the printer.
  • Now after this, re-install it and check that appropriately locked at its original position.
  • After this press OK.

We hope that the information provided here was helpful for all of you, so please do share these Brother printer troubleshooting steps with your friends, so that they can also get relief from this error. And if you still, face the error, then ask for the team to provide Brother printer service, and fix the issue.

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