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How to troubleshoot printer offline issue on windows 7?

When a user is on and ready to take the print and then suddenly a printer error gets display on the screen, regarding “Printer Offline” message. So, it means that the PC is not connected with the printer properly, and one can not print the file accurately. Therefore, in this article, we will show the tried and true printer steps to resolve “How to troubleshoot printer offline issue on windows 7?”. Thus, scroll down and thoroughly go through the complete details penned here below.

The printer offline error message occurs due to the connection problem or poor configuration, and if there is any fault with the driver or if anyhow there is any print job pending, then these all could be the reason behind the printer getting an offline issue.

A printer showing offline issue windows 7 is ubiquitous and is encountered by many users. The printer offline windows 7 issue indicates that the system failed to communicate with the printer. How to troubleshoot printer offline issue on windows 7? it can happen due to numerous reasons, although here for all sufferers we have discussed the user-friendly printer troubleshooting steps to get rid of the printer problem.

Your printer may show up disconnected on the off chance that it can’t speak with your PC. Here are a few things to attempt to recover your printer on the web.

Check to ensure the printer is turned on and associated with a similar Wi-Fi organize as your PC. Your printer’s worked in menu should show which arrange it’s associated with, or check your printer’s manual for more information.

Confirm that your printer isn’t being used Printer Offline mode. Select Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and scanners. At that point select your printer > Open line. Under Printer, ensure Use Printer Offline isn’t chosen.

In the event that these means don’t return your printer on the web, at that point read Troubleshooting disconnected printer issues.

Fix printer association and printing issues in Windows 10.

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Possible Reasons For Printer Offline Windows 7 Status

For all users who get stuck with the printer offline error while printing, here we have discussed the possible reason behind the issue. Hence carefully read the full details in brief and after that proceed to the printer troubleshooting steps to get rid of the printer problem.

Connectivity Issue: Most printers are wireless, and they get connected with a device via Bluetooth. Sometimes, they fail to detect the IP address of the PC. In such cases, the PC thinks that the printer is offline. So, if it is a regular printer, then it occurs due to the problem with the connection between the printer and the PC.

Outdated Driver: Sometimes, it happens that the driver gets corrupted because of the presence of malicious software in the PC. Also, if the old version of the driver gets used, then that also results in the printer not responding error.

Files Confliction: If more than one device gets connected with the PC except for the printer, then the file confliction error may occur. The PC fails to detect the IP address of the printer if the files and the firewalls of the devices get conflicted with each other.

Installation of Third Party Software: If any third party software gets installed in the device like anti-virus, then sometimes, unnecessarily blocks the IP of the printer and the PC is not able to detect that.

A “printer disconnected” status on Windows proposes that the framework neglected to speak with the associated printer. That can occur because of blunders in association, poor arrangements, broken drivers, or if there are a lot of print employments pending in the print line. How to troubleshoot printer offline issue on windows 7?Notwithstanding, you won’t have the option to take printouts except if you turn the printer on the web. Numerous individuals grumble that their printer props up disconnected on Windows 7, and that can be because of numerous causes; so you need to begin investigating the blunder from the scratch.

Ensure the Print Connections is Fine

Right off the bat, guarantee that USB link used to associate the printer to the PC isn’t free or harmed. Whenever required, supplant it. Additionally, attempt to unplug the USB link and reboot the PC and the printer. Additionally, guarantee that the printer is associated with a working divider attachment or electrical extension to take out the two conceivable outcomes. In the event that in the event that it is a remote printer, restart the Wi-Fi switch since that may likewise cause organize disappointments making the printer to go disconnected.

Introduce Latest Printer Drivers

On the off chance that the printer driver is obsolete or is inconsistent with your Windows OS variant, you may need to download and re-introduce the most recent update of the driver from the printer producer site. So watch that before you continue to the following investigating step.

Troubleshooting Steps to resolve Printer offline windows 7 Issue

Printer showing offline issue is a minor problem, and one can quickly resolve with the help of these printer troubleshooting steps. So, we have here penned the simple and easy way to fix the printer showing offline error. Thus we hope that the steps written here would be helpful for all of you.

Method 1: Configure the Printer Spooler Settings

  • Initially, press the Windows Key and R key together to launch the run dialog box. After this, type “Service.MSC” and then press enter.
  • A new window will get display on the screen containing the list of Windows services. Now scroll down, and from there you can see an option names Print Spooler, double-click on it and by doing this, the user can easily manage the printing jobs.
  • In the print spooler properties, configure the startup type of service to Automatic. If it has been set manual, then tap on the drop-down menu to change it.

Method 2:  Deselect Use printer Offline Option

  • To start this method, press the windows button and from there select Devices and Printers option.
  • After this, click on the printer and select the option “See What’s Printing” from the pop-up menu.
  • Now in the new window, click on the Printer tab and deselect the Use Printer Offline option from there.

Method 3: Update the Printer Drivers

  • First of all, open the print management.
  • After this, tap on the print servers, that will get display on the left pane of the print management.
  • Now, click on the Applicable Print Server and then tap on Printers.
  • After this, in the center pane, right click on the printer with the driver that one can change or update, and then click on properties.
  • Now click on the Advanced tab and then select a new driver from the driver box or click on the new driver to install a new printer driver and then click on Apply.

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If after trying these printer troubleshooting steps, the printer error remains the same, then feel free to take assistance from the professionals of printer service. The printer service experts are well trained are always ready to provide a real-time solution to all victims who are looking for How to troubleshoot printer offline issue on windows 7?.

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