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Printer Troubleshooting Steps For “How To Clean Printer Heads”

Many users are looking for the Printer Troubleshooting Steps For “How To Clean Printer Heads”. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the ways through which one can easily clean the printer heads. The printer head plays a vital role, as it is the heart of the entire printer system. Therefore, if the printer heads didn’t get cleaned, then the printer won’t perform the printing task properly. So, all users are recommended to clean the printer head, and thus for all clients, we have here mentioned the printer troubleshooting steps. So, thoroughly read the complete details penned below in this article.

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The most effective method to CLEAN PRINTER HEADS EPSON

Ordinarily, the printer head gets grimy which makes the printer give out terrible prints. The printer head is that piece of the printer which is liable for moving the ink on to the paper. Printer Troubleshooting Steps For “How To Clean Printer Heads” printing again and again causes the printer head to be stopped up with ink. In light of this dried ink, it isn’t feasible for new ink to make advances on the head which causes a wide range of issues with the print.

The most effective method to clean printer heads Epson without specialized information

Along these lines, in this guide, we will see how to clean printer heads Epson.

Stage 1: Turn on the printer. Switch on the printer and ensure that no pending prints are staying for the printer. Likewise, ensure that the ink light isn’t blazing which demonstrates that you have to supplant the ink cartridges. When that is done, add some paper to the info plate.

Stage 2: Head cleaning utility. From the beginning menu, open the control board. In control board, see a rundown of introduced printers and discover your Epson printer. Double tap on your printer and select “Modify Print Options” to open the exchange box for printing inclinations. From the new window, select the Maintenance tab and afterward click on “Head Cleaning” choice. The alternatives may marginally shift contingent upon the product introduced on your PC.

Stage 3: Follow on-screen directions. You will be provoked to begin the cleaning procedure. Snap start when provoked. You may require to press next a couple of times to start the procedure.

The procedure for cleaning the printer head takes some time. In the event that you switch off the printer during the procedure, you have the danger of forever harming the printer. During the whole procedure, the force light will squint. At the point when the procedure is finished, the force light will quit flickering, and the printer will quit making sounds.

Stage 4: Check the spout. When you are finished with the head cleaning process, you should check the spout also. You can do that by tapping on “Print Nozzle Check Pattern.” Then, click on print. The printer will print a progression of rough lines on a paper to see the nature of the spout.

On the off chance that the print shows strong lines with no holes or black out printing, you can have confidence that the cleaning procedure was effective. If not, click on “clean” to rerun the utility to clean the printer head and spout.

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Steps to clean printer heads

There are several ways to clean the printer head, and hence the printer troubleshooting steps penned here are comfortable and are straightforward. With the help of these steps, it becomes easy for all victims to resolve the printer error.

  • The users who are going to perform the task, they all are recommended to collect all necessary material for cleaning.
  • After this, carefully remove the printer head and then clean it and then, place it back to its original position.
  • Open the printer cartridge access door.
  • After this, gently remove the printer cartridge and then place it on a piece of paper and make sure that opening point should be upwards always.
  • Note: Do not leave the printer cartridge outside the printer for an extended period, because it may damage both the printer and the printer cartridge.
  • Now, lift the latch handle on the printer cartridge until it stops.
  • Now, to remove the print head, lift it.
  • After this, clean the print head.

There are three ways for cleaning the print head

⦁ 1. Clean the plastic ramps located on both sides of the nozzles.

⦁ 2.An edge between nozzle and contacts

⦁ 3.clean all the electrical connections

To clean the printer heads, you can also follow some different the printer troubleshooting steps listed below

  • Take a lint-free cloth or paper to clean the printer head.
  • Use distilled or bottled water for cleaning the printer head.
  • Now lightly dampen a clean, lint-free cloth and then gently wipe the electrical contact area from the bottom to the top.
  • Kindly, clean it until no new ink shows on the cloth.
  • After this, to accumulate the ink and debris from the boundary between the nozzles and connections, use a clean, lightly dampened, lint-free cloth.

Step two: Reset the printer

Follow these printer troubleshooting steps to reset the printer and clean the printer heads.

  • First of all, turn ON the printer, if it is off.
  • Now, wait for the printer to become idle and silent before you proceed further.
  • When the printer gets turned ON, then carefully disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer.
  • Now, remove the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • After this, wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • Now, insert back the power cable to the rear of the printer.
  • Now, turn the printer ON, in case, if it does not gets turned ON automatically.
  • Wait until the printer gets idle and silent before continuing.


  • The ink system failures can cause a carriage stall when the printer resets.
  • In case, if the ink system failure requires to get the printer serviced, there is no need to fix the carriage stall issue.

Step three: Replace the print head

  • If you are done with all the previous steps and the printer error remains the same then, replace the print head.


  • Wait till you have a new print head assembly available before you remove the printer cartridge.
  • The users are recommended that they should not leave the cartridge outside for more than 30 minutes, as this can cause damage to both printer and the printer cartridge.
  • If the manufacturer replaces the print head assembly under warranty, then get a new print head assembly, cleaning material and a full set of original printer cartridge.
  • In case, if the printer head assembly is out of warranty, then the users are suggested for purchasing a new one online.

Step four: Service the printer

  • The clients who are facing the printer problem, they all are suggested to take printer help from the professionals of the printer service to fix the printer problem.

So guys if you have followed the above-discussed Printer Troubleshooting Steps For “How To Clean Printer Heads” and you got satisfied, then please do share this with all your near and dear ones. So friends keep supporting and keep sharing our article because it would be a help for those who are facing printer problem, i.e., How to Clean Printer Heads.

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