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Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Horizontal Lines Issue

If you are in an office or at home and you need a hard copy of your document, and you encounter horizontal lines issue, then don’t worry. For all victims, we have here mentioned the Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Horizontal Lines Issue. Therefore, the clients who are facing the issue; they all should read the complete information discussed below. Follow the instructions to get out of the printer problem.

Horizontal lines issue is prevalent and faced by many users. So the clients who are facing the printer error, they all are suggested to scroll down and carefully read the printer troubleshooting steps discussed below.

There are several reasons behind the printer problem, and here we have discussed the possible reason due to which the clients face this issue. Through the following possibilities, it would become easy for all clients to identify the root cause of the printer problem.

If any user works consistently on the printer and the printer doesn’t get cleaned after a long interval of time. Then the users are suggested to take printer help from the well-trained team of printer service and get the printer clean so that the printer can efficiently perform the printing tasks.

There are several types of printer problem such as a printer spooler error and printer not connected issue and much more. Same like that the printer printing Horizontal Lines is also a widespread printer error which can get resolved quickly. Therefore, for that, we have below provided the printer troubleshooting steps so that the users can efficiently deal with the printer problem.

Steps to Fix White Line Issues in Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are usually inclined to a few issues that influence the nature of its printouts. The presence of white lines in the prints is an as often as possible detailed issue by most clients. Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Horizontal Lines Issue it can meddle with the prints and make it unfit for use in any sort of business purposes or school introductions. A few issues with the printer can make these white lines structure on the prints. The following are a few stages to fix white lines in inkjet printers.

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Execute Printer Head Cleaning

The presence of white lines on the printouts is caused because of the stopping up of the minute pores of the printer head. A successful method to clear this issue is by depending on the head cleaning capacity that accompanies the product utility of the printer. There will be a few choices in most printer utility programming, for example, head cleaning, head arrangement, printer head profound cleaning, spout test, and so on.

Execute the print head cleaning capacity to naturally clear any squares in the print head and permit the free showering of ink onto the paper. After the print head cleaning is done, check whether the white lines are settled by printing a test page. Get the printer head overhauled by an expert printer bolster administration if the issue continues.

Physically Clean the Ink Cartridges

Investigating Printer Problems

Clean The Ink Cartridges

The other method to fix the event of white lines in the printouts is by cleaning the ink cartridges physically. For this, open the front plate and sit tight for the head to naturally adjust towards the front part. Delicately segregate the cartridges from the printer head and genuinely review for any unmistakable harms first. Have it supplanted with another cartridge if any physical harms are found.

For the most part, the white lines are caused because of the ink getting dried inside the cartridge. For fixing this, utilization a cotton swab to delicately wipe at the spout for clearing any dried ink and for encouraging free ink stream. Shaking the cartridge will likewise free up any dried ink or blockages and fix the issue. Run a test print to confirm if the issue is fixed.

Solution To Fix Horizontal Lines Issue

Below we have provided the solution for the printer error. Therefore, through the printer troubleshooting steps penned below, the victims can quickly resolve the printer error.


  • If you are getting black lines on the copies and not on the print, then there is a possibility that something is interfering with the optics.
  • If the lines are coming on the copies and not on the prints, then by cleaning the printer, the issue can get resolved.

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  • If the horizontal lines are coming on both sides, i.e., on copies and prints, then there is an issue with the printer drum.
  • A drum is a very delicate part that in case if it gets disrupted, then there will be the defect on every print or copy made by the user.
  • Therefore, in the case of the printer drum, the drum needs to get clean or get repaired. Thus, the clients are suggested to take printer help from the experts of printer service to fix the printer problem.


  • If the print head of the printers is not clean, then, the users may face the printer error. Therefore, all clients are recommended to clean the print head to fix the printer error.
  • The users are suggested to clean the print head or if after cleaning the print head the printer problem remains the same, then replace the print head to fix the printer problem.

We hope that the Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Horizontal Lines Issue penned above to fix the printer problem was helpful for all of you to set the printer error. In case if there is any client who is still facing the printer error and is unable to resolve the printer error. Then, they all are suggested to take printer help from the experts of printer service to fix the issue.

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