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Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Ink Absorber Issue

The users who are facing the ink absorber printer problem, they don’t have to panic, because, for all clients, we have here mentioned the Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Ink Absorber Issue. Before we talk about the solution for the printer problem, first of all, get aware of what is an Ink Absorber Error.

What is an Ink Absorber Error?

Also known as the Flushing box, it helps with holding the ink collected after the purging of the printer head. It catches all the ink whenever the machine flushes or cleans. Usually, the longevity of the ink absorber is similar to that of the printer’s life. But sometimes over usage and flushes by the machine-made, the absorber gets overloaded with bloats of inks. During this situation, the printer will understand the emergency requirement and will keep showing the message on the LCD screen. Users have to replace the ink absorber with a new ink absorber immediately.

So, if you all got aware of the ink absorber error, then scroll down and carefully read the Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Ink Absorber Issue.

printer troubleshooting

How to Clean a Canon Ink Absorber

Ordinance printers utilize little, supple cushions to ingest abundance ink that aggregates while printing and cleaning the print heads. At the point when these cushions are immersed, the printer will tell you with a mistake message, for example, “Ink Absorber Full.” Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Ink Absorber Issue Some models show a progression of glimmering lights that you should counsel the client manual to interpret. At the point when the ink safeguard cushions are full, you can without much of a stretch evacuate and clean them on most Canon printers

1. Fill an enormous bowl with warm, sudsy water and put it in a safe spot. Put on the elastic gloves.

2. Open the ink cartridge compartment. Contingent upon your Canon printer model, this compartment might be in the front or the rear of the machine.

3. Trust that the ink cartridges will move right finished, at that point detach the printer’s capacity line.

4. Search for a dark elastic edge under the ink cartridge gathering. This contains the ink retaining cushions.

5. Haul the elastic edge out of the printer and expel the ink retaining cushions. The quantity of cushions changes by model.

6. Spot the cushions in the bowl. Rub and crush them to expel the ink. At the point when the water gets dark with ink, dispose of the arrangement and top off the bowl with all the more warm, sudsy water. Proceed with this strategy until all ink is expelled from the cushions.

7. Crush the overabundance water from the cushions and spot them on a heap of three or four paper towels to dry.

8. Check the cushions each hour to decide whether they are dry. In the event that the paper towels become immersed, transform them out.

9. Spot the cushions back in the elastic edge when they are totally dry. Reinstall the casing in the printer.

10. Press and hold the “Force” button and reconnect the force line. At the point when the printer goes ahead, discharge the catch. Hold up five seconds and push the “Force” button once more. This resets the printer’s inward memory and supersedes the “Ink Absorber Full” blunder code.

printer troubleshooting

Here are some steps to solve the error

Solution 1:- Press “OK” to Continue Printing

  • When you get the Printer Error Code 1702, while you’re working, then it’s a suggestion for you to run a press the machine’s “OK” button to continue printing.
  • If you are not able to print or connect to your Printer on your Windows computer, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2:- Resetting the Waste Ink Absorber

By resetting the waste ink absorber on a printer can resolve some printer error codes that appear when turning it on. Follow these printer troubleshooting steps:-

  • Make sure the before performing the task, the printer should be OFF from the power plug.
  • After this, press and hold the “Resume” button (triangle inside a circle).
  • While it is held down, hold down the “Power” button.
    And then the green led light will glow.
  • Keep the “Power” button held down. After this, carefully release the “Resume” button and press it twice. By doing this, the light should go amber, and then green again.
  • Then release the “Power” button.
  • Next, press the “Resume” button four times and then press the “Power” button and straight after to make sure about the selected action (Reset Counter Absorber).
  • Then you turn off the Printer and then turn it on again. Start your task.
  • If printing is in progress and can continue printing, then it’s ok. Else, go to the next solution.

Solution 3:- Replacing the Ink Absorber

  • The waste ink pad becomes full and requires to get replaced to get everything back to its original position. The user will have to order new waste ink pads and replace accordingly to get everything correct.
  • The replacing of ink absorber is a complicated and tangled procedure. And hence, even if the ink absorber is successfully changed, the ink absorber counter must get reset. It has not recommended for you to replace the waste ink absorber tank.
  • If you want, you can also take printer help from the Printer Service Experts to replace it at your doorstep at cost-effective rates.

So, we hope that with the help of these printer troubleshooting steps, it was easy for all of you to fix the printer error. So please do share this post with your friends, so that they can also get out of trouble. If there is any user who is still facing the printer problem, then they all are recommended to take printer help from the professionals of printer service.

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