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Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Why Printer Won’t Print Issue

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Why Printer Won’t Print Issue. So, the users who are facing the printer problem, they all are at the right place, as we have mentioned the easy and straightforward method to resolve the printer error.

There are many clients who encounter  Printer Won’t Print Issue, so instead of getting irritated from the printer problem. For all of them, we have provided the simple and less-time consuming printer troubleshooting steps through which the users can easily get out of trouble.

Various printers are available in the market with latest and advanced features, and even after getting so advanced still, there are many users who face printer problem. Thus,  Printer Won’t Print Issue is one of the most common issues and is very easy to fix the printer problem.

The clients who got stuck with the printer problem while printing and the printer is not responding. Therefore, instead of getting irritated with the printer problem, scroll down and carefully go through the Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Why Printer Won’t Print Issue.

Method To Fix Why Printer Won’t Print Issue

There could be many reasons behind the printer problem, therefore, we have here penned the printer troubleshooting steps through which the users can get rid of the printer problem.

The printer may print the wrong colors after changing the ink because the printer settings could be changed. To restore the printer to default settings, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Press the switch adjacent to the power switch for 5 seconds. The power LED will start blinking. Wait for the green blinking light to stop.

When the green light stops blinking on the power button, it means that the color system has been fixed.

Take out a print to check the color reproduction.

This will most likely fix the issue of the printer not printing correctly.

printer troubleshooting

Paper Jams and Ghost Jams

On the off chance that your printer says you have a paper jam, there are several possible guilty parties. Initially, ensure the paper is appropriately adjusted in the paper plate. On the off chance that your paper is topsy-turvey even a tad, it can rapidly transform into a jam. For the most part, expelling the paper from the unit and arranging it better to the taking care of components will clear up the issue. Paper plate are intended to hold a particular paper limit. For a few, it could be only 100 sheets, while others can hold a whole ream. Check your printer’s client direct for the suggested paper limit – an overstuffed paper plate can in a split second banner the paper jam cautioning in your machine. Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Why Printer Won’t Print Issue you ought to likewise ensure the paper or media type setting on the printring menu coordinates your present print work. Printers incorporate settings for some, extraordinary paper types like card stock, photograph paper or introduction paper. Thicker paper can cause a paper jam if the settings are off and a fast difference in the paper type can resolve your paper jam message immediately.

Get rollers are the rollers that get the paper from the plate and feed it to the printer. These parts have additionally been known to cause a jams after rehashed use and in the long run may should be supplanted.

At the point when your printer says that there’s a paper jam, and there isn’t, odds are this is on the grounds that there’s a mechanical issue in the air. Don’t quickly crush your printer in a field however! In looking for an answer for an apparition stuck HP printer, Neal Poole found that regularly genuine paper jams could abandon buildup that meddles with printer activity long after the jam is no more.

Limited quantities of destroyed paper garbage held up between gears that move your back duplexer may leave your printer believing there’s something stopped in the duplexer, not the rigging.

printer troubleshooting


The print heads get dirty and soiled with dust when the printer is not used for a long period of time and this leads to the printer not printing colors correctly. printers have built-in head cleaning mechanisms. To start cleaning printer heads, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Go to control panel from the desktop and click on hardware and sound.

On top of the page, you will see an option – devices and printers. Select your printer from the list of printers.

Right-click on the printer and select printing preferences.

A dialogue box will appear with 3 options on the top. Select maintenance.

A new page will open and from there select head cleaning.

As soon as you click on head printing, the printer will start cleaning the print heads. Make sure you don’t disturb the printer when the head cleaning is in process. The head cleaning process can take upwards of 5 minutes. After the head cleaning is complete, a dialogue box will appear with 2 options; print nozzle check pattern and finish. Click on the former to print a test page and with this, you will be able to check if the printer is reproducing colors accurately or not. If the print quality is not good, do the head cleaning again. You may have to run the process 2 – 3 times until you see accurate color reproduction from the printer.


If nothing seems to work, you have to take out the print heads carefully and manually clean them. For manual cleaning, follow the below-mentioned steps:



Use an eyedropper to pour distilled water over the nozzles. This will cause the dried ink or dust to loosen up and fall. Allow the nozzles to soak in distilled water overnight. Afterward, clean the nozzles and print 4 – 6 pages.


Soak a paper towel with distilled water or cleaner and rub the print head on it for 10 – 15 minutes. This will help to scrape off any dust or dried out ink. Print 4 – 5 test pages to check the color reproduction. These were the basic Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Why Printer Won’t Print Issue.

So we hope that the details provided here in this post were helpful for all of you to fix the printer problem. In case, if there is any user who is still facing the issue and is not able to fix the printer problem then take printer help from the professionals of printer service to resolve the issue.

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