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Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve “Printer says it is paused”?

Hello Pals how are you all hope you all are okay! Yes, it is a common thing that the printer says it’s paused, and the users are not able to do anything, and you got puzzled how to fix the printer problem, after trying all the instructions to print if you are still in trouble then below in this article we have listed some tips which will help you to get out of your printer problem. There might be some printer setup issue because after getting to the primary cause we can’t imagine how to fix it.

printer troubleshooting

Why the printer stuck on paused?

If you bought a printer and if there is any printer problem with it and if you are asking for this the printer says paused? Then to get rid of this type of issue, you have to do some changes from the “Settings” option after doing the changes you do not answer then you have to take help from the printer service team. But before you ask for help you must follow the different methods may be with these methods you can fix your printer problem. So for you all, we have mentioned different, and every technique has the same solution.

Method 1

  • You need to follow some steps mentioned below to check if the pause button is “On” in the settings.
  • Locate the control panel on the front of your printer. That is the portion of the printer’s case that has a series of buttons on it.
  • After that press, the button labeled “Pause.”
    Release the button labeled “Pause,” now your printer won’t be pause anymore.
  • After this, you need to follow these steps also to check the computer’s software.
  • First of all, open your computer’s taskbar.
    Secondly from there double click on the “printer” icon.
  • After this, a list of all the documents you are attempting to print will appear on your laptop/desktop screen.
  • Then Right-click on the screen that has a status listing of “Paused.”
  • Click on “Resume” this will make your printer work once again.

Method 2

The methods mentioned below are to update the printer drivers.
a) Click on the “Start” button and from there tap on “computer” and select “manage.”
b) Open Device Manager and expand “Printers.”
c) Now Right-click on the “Printer” and select “Update Driver Software.”
d) From there select Search automatically for updated driver software.
e) Restart the “computer” and check if the issue persists.
After trying the above methods if you get a better result, then it’s well and good or if you are not satisfied then try “Uninstalling and reinstalling” the printer drivers.

printer troubleshooting

Possible Reasons if the Printer says it is Paused and what is the perfect solution for it?

There could be many reasons for this problem, but if you are looking for the better solution for this, then you are at the perfect site because here we have provided the reason behind it with their appropriate solution as well. So below you will find the answer to fix your printer problems, or if you are not able to fix it by your own then you can ask for printer help, but before you ask for help go ahead and follow these steps and see whether you are satisfied or not. So scroll down and follow the Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve “Printer says it is paused”?.

  • Clear Pause Printing.
  • If you are using the Windows desktop, then select the “start” option and then go to “settings” and then “Printers.”
  • Then right-click on the printer icon.
  • Select the “work offline” or “Pause Printing” option, if enabled then remove the check from there.
  • Now print the document again.
  • Arrange Parallel Connection
  • Turn off the printer or remove the printer from the network.
  • Now connect the Personal computer or laptop with the help of a parallel cable.
  • Now switch ON the printer.
  • After completion of the task print the document again.

Reinstall or Uninstall the Driver

  • Uninstall the USB printer driver.
  • Remove the folder and AIO folder from the hard drive.
  • Reinstall the USB printer driver.
  • Cause behind this Error: This error can occur if when using a network or printing from a laptop. When the print job goes into pending status, the printer is either in “Pause Printing “or “Work Offline” mode. Hope this helps. Please rate my response.

So guys do you like our today’s article regarding Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve “Printer says it is paused”? We hope that the information provided in this post would be helpful for all of you if you all are pleased with our content, then please let us know about your experience by leaving your valuable comments below. If after trying the above-penned methods you didn’t get satisfactory output then ask for printer help from the experts of printer service because they are the one who can provide the absolute solution for these type of printer problems. So now please tell us about how was our article and to share it with your near and dear ones so that they can also get a solution to their problem.

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