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Take Printer Help To Fix Delete or Cancel Hung Print Jobs Issues in Windows

Printing problems are very frustrating when you are in a hurry, and suddenly a printer error displays on the screen. Many users use the printer for personal as well as professional use, and it happens at some point in time, the machine required to get a repair to avoid unexpected printer problem. So, the clients who are using a printer and encounter printer error such as printer spooler error or printer not connected, or printer jam issue and much more.

Here in this post, we are going to provide the printer troubleshooting steps to Fix Delete or Cancel Hung Print Jobs Issues in Windows, and hence the clients should carefully read the complete information provided here in this post and get relief from the printer error by fixing the issue with these printer troubleshooting steps.

It happens much time that the while printing the job, user encounter printer error related to the hang print job, therefore to overcome that issue, we’ve discussed the easy and straightforward printer troubleshooting steps for them, and the clients can also Take Printer Help To Fix Delete or Cancel Hung Print Jobs Issues in Windows.

There are different ways to resolve the printer problem, and the users can also take printer help from the professionals of printer service. The experts have years of experience and they, first of all, find the root cause of the printer problem and then provide a real-time solution for the printer error.

Manually Remove Print Job in Windows

There are several ways to fix the printer error. Thus, we have here penned the manual printer troubleshooting steps, through which the users can remove the print job in windows, therefore, the clients are suggested to try and fix the printer problem through these steps, and if they get stuck while fixing the issue, then take printer help from the squad of printer service.

Step 1: In the beginning, go to Start, and then Run and type in services.msc. Now, from there scroll down to the Printer Spooler service, and then right-click on it and choose Stop.

Step 2: After this, the printer spooler service gets stopped, now the user has to go into the Windows folder where all of the print jobs are spooled and delete them. Therefore, for that Navigate to the following directory provided here below.

printer issue


After this, delete everything inside this folder. DO not delete the folder itself, just everything inside of it. It will remove all print jobs currently in the print queue.

Step 3: Now go back to the Services window and right click on the Print Spooler service and choose Start. Go back to the Print Job queue and refresh it. You should now see that all print jobs have to get removed and you can start printing again usually.

How To Delete Or Cancel Hung Print Jobs In Windows

It’s sufficiently simple to drop a print employment and clear print line, correct? You just right-click it and select “drop,” after which the printing work status starts to show “erasing… ” After which you ordinarily expect the print employment to drop and vanish so you can continue printing. Sadly, as a rule, the print employment will hang and keep you from proceeding to print over again from that equivalent printer. So we’re going to reveal to you how to mightily erase a troublesome printing work stuck in queue. Take Printer Help To Fix Delete or Cancel Hung Print Jobs Issues in Windows Can’t erase print work alone? Luckily, there is an approach to erase the hung print work without sparing all your work, close the entirety of your applications, and restart your PC. Here’s the manner by which to erase print employments (note this is planned for Windows XP frameworks, yet a comparative methodology chips away at different frameworks – if this doesn’t work for you answer beneath with your Operating System and rendition):

  • Peruse to Start – > Run… and type in “NET STOP SPOOLER” (this will stop the print spooler administration; if that doesn’t work open the undertaking supervisor ([Windows] + R or Ctrl + Alt + Del keys) and take a stab at murdering the procedure from that point)
  • Peruse to your windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\ envelope
  • You should see records there completion in .SPL and .SHD made around the time you attempted to print – erase these documents.
  • Peruse to Start – > Run… and type in “NET START SPOOLER” (this will restart the print spooler administration)
  • Double tap the printer symbol in the lower-right corner of your taskbar to inspect your print work line and peruse to View – > Refresh.
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printer issue

How to Force Delete Print Jobs

Fortunately, there is a way to delete the hung print job without having to save all your work, close all your applications, and restart your computer.

  • Browse to Start -> Run and type in “NET STOP SPOOLER” (this will stop the print spooler service)
  • Browse to your windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\ folder
  • You should see files there ending in.SPL and.SHD created around the time you tried to print – delete these files.
  • Browse to Start -> Run and type in “NET START SPOOLER” (this will restart the print spooler service)
  • Follow the above steps to your print job queue and browse to View -> Refresh.

We hope that the printer troubleshooting steps provided here in this post were helpful for all of you to fix the printer error, and in case, if there is any client who is not able to fix the printer error, they all should Take Printer Help To Fix Delete or Cancel Hung Print Jobs Issues in Windows. And hence, please share this article with others, so that they can also get rid of the printer error.

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