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Take Printer Help To Fix Printer Printing Only Half Page Issue

Here in this article, we have penned the printer troubleshooting steps to resolve the Printer Printing Only Half Page Issue, so the clients who are looking for the solution, they are at the right place, therefore, all users should carefully read the whole details provided here below and get the issue resolved. The clients can also Take Printer Help To Fix Printer Printing Only Half Page Issue.

How To Resolve Printer Printing Only Half Page Issue

If you really get down to it a printer is quite a complicated piece of equipment. Apart from the many technical components within the printer, different types of software are needed to run the printer as well. In case you are struggling with a printer error that you do not understand you can always contact the printer service squad to clarify the issue. Because even a slight glitch in any of the components and you could get stuck with a blurred print or perhaps only a half print.

If you notice that your printer is only printing half the page then there could be a problem with the printer spooler. The spooler basically acts as the manager of the printer. It allows users to delete and otherwise manage print jobs. An error in the printer spooler makes it difficult for your computer to complete a printing task. This article will help guide you on how to fix the printer spooler to solve the half page issue.


Over-burden OF GPU ON MACS

Late MacOS forms (surely from 10.15 on, yet it may be the equivalent for prior renditions as well) – utilize the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit – for example video card) – for much progressively broad handling, including spooling documents to printers. On the off chance that the GPU is over-burden, it can cause picture handling during spooling to fall flat. Take Printer Help To Fix Printer Printing Only Half Page Issue sadly you don’t get a specific admonition or message about this.

Specifically this regularly appears to happen in multi-screen set ups. So take a stab at isolating any additional screens as an initial step. As well as take a stab at shutting any GPU serious applications during printing (incorporates things like designs/crude handling applications, yet additionally present day programs are GPU escalated, etc).


On the off chance that you have attempted to fix the GPU or potentially printer spooler issues as point by point above, and you are as yet having issues, the reality of the situation may prove that your USB string or port isn’t working accurately. Attempt an alternate USB string or port and this will regularly tackle the issue.

printer printing one half issue

Printer only prints half the page?

Prior to printing, the printring checks the paper size. On the off chance that the paper edge manage is situated inaccurately, the paper might be sustained at an edge. In the event that this occurs, the base of the paper is accordingly at a point and not opposite with the paper feed rollers. Take Printer Help To Fix Printer Printing Only Half Page Issue this can bring about the paper sensor not perceiving the genuine page width as it can just recognize a specific measure of the base of the paper sheet which is closest to it.

On the off chance that solitary piece of the width of the paper is identified, the printer thinks about that the paper width is short of what it really is. To abstain from imprinting on inside pieces of the printer, for example, paper feed rollers, the printer consequently slices the picture to fit the recognized paper width As this wonder relies upon the paper sustaining condition, it very well may be arbitrary.

To determine this issue, do the accompanying:

Check the paper edge control position and the situating of the paper

a Edge guide Helps load the paper straight. Alter the left edge manage with the goal that it fits cozily to the width of your paper.

b Sheet feeder Feeds a heap of paper consequently.

c Paper support Supports the paper stacked in the sheet feeder.

d Feeder guard Prevents objects set on the report spread from falling inside the printer when opening the record spread.

e Document cover Open and close when you place a photograph or archive.

f Output tray Receives shot out paper.

g Output plate extension Supports the shot out paper.

h Scanner unit Open and close when you supplant an ink cartridge.

i On button Turns the printer on and off.

Watch that the paper size is bolstered by the printer.

On the off chance that printing without a PC, the upheld paper sizes are nitty gritty on the printer control board.

On the off chance that printing from the PC, the upheld paper sizes are accessible to choose in the printer driver. Client Defined/Custom sizes can be made.

As in the outline beneath, play out the accompanying:

Reload A4 paper short-edge first into the sheet feeder.

Force the paper edge manage crosswise over to the side of the paper so it reaches the paper. This will help control the paper into the rollers.

Prior to printing once more, enter the printer properties and watch that you have chosen the right paper size.

Snap File > Print inside the application.

Feature the printer and snap on Properties.

The Epson Printing Preferences window shows up. Select the right settings for Paper Size, Orientation, and Print Quality.

Snap OK.

Presently endeavor to print once more. The issue ought to be settled.

To play out a photocopy, do the accompanying:

Open the report spread.

Spot the first face-down on the report table glass.

Close the report spread.

On the off chance that the control board has a paper size setting button, ensure that the LED adjacent to A4 is lit. Whenever set inaccurately, press the catch to choose the size of paper stacked in the sheet feeder, and afterward press the B&W Copy button.

printer from going offline to online

Steps to Resolve Printer Printing Only Half Page Issue

Before attempting to fix the spooler you should check and see if all the necessary printer cables are securely in place. Once all the external wires are connected properly you can go ahead and fix the spooler. Fixing the print spooler is relatively easy if you follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the ‘Start’ menu and go to “Run
  2. Go to the ‘Services’ window and type “services.MSC
  3. Search for the “Print Spooler” entry
  4. Right-click the spooler and press “Stop“.
  5. Leave the window open and go to the start menu again
  6. Look for the “My Computer” icon and open Windows Explorer
  7. Go to the print spool folder which is most probably in the C drive. Just follow the given path: C\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS
  8. Delete all the files in this folder and empty the jammed print queue.
  9. Go back to the previous window and restart the Print spool service.

Once you restart the service opens a random document and give the command to print. Use this test document to check if the half page printer issues are fixed or not. If you see that the page is still not printing properly then there could be a problem with the hardware itself. If that is the case then the best thing to do is to call the printer service assistant team to get expert technical solutions. The helpline number is active 24 hours a day so that you can solve any printer related issues as soon as possible.

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