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Take Printer Help To Fix “Printer Won’t Print & Ink Is New” Issue

If you are in an office, then you expect your printer to perform it’s task reliably. But, unfortunately, if the printer doesn’t behave according to the plan. When while printing, the printer fails to print, even after installing the new printer cartridge. There might be a different reason behind the printer problem. Here we have mentioned the printer troubleshooting steps to fix the printer error, so scroll down and carefully read the complete details and apply the steps same as directed here.

Sometimes, it happens that the user fails to find the culprit responsible for the printer problem. So, for that, all victims are suggested to Take Printer Help To Fix “Printer Won’t Print & Ink Is New” Issue from the experts of printer service. There might be various reason behind the printer problem. So, here we have discussed the possible reasons behind the printer error, therefore, thoroughly go through the details penned here below.

printer problem

Expired Cartridges

Sometimes, it happens that the printer cartridge used by the client are expired, so all clients are suggested to check the warranty date of the printer cartridge carefully. If the cartridge is expired, then the users are recommended to replace the old cartridge with the new one. If the ink cartridge causes the printer error, then the user won’t get a better quality of prints.

If after replacing the printer cartridge, the printer error remains the same, then apply the printer troubleshooting steps discussed here below. Or without wasting much time, feel free to take printer help from the experts of printer service.

Improper Installation

Improper Installation

When the user installs the new ink tanks in the printer, then the users are supposed to follow the proper installation procedure that tells how to seat the printer cartridge and latch them on the hardware. If the printer cartridge doesn’t place correctly, so remove them briefly and reseat them, make sure not to leave them out for an extended period, as they dry out or set them down where they can stain the desk or clothes.

Defective Cartridges

If the client fails to get the proper printout even after replacing the new printer cartridge, then there might be the possibility of the defective printer cartridge. Therefore, check the printer cartridge carefully before purchasing it. And, if the printer cartridge is fine, then avail printer help from the printer service team to fix the printer problem.

Defective Cartridges

Printer Troubleshooting Steps To Fix “Printer Won’t Print & Ink Is New” Issue

The printer is one of the essential pieces of equipment used in the workplace areas. If anyhow, the printer stops responding, then it can be frustrating. That’s why the users are suggested to get their printer serviced on a regular interval of time and avoid such uncertain printer problem. So, check out the printer troubleshooting steps mentioned here to solve the printer problem and get the “Printer Won’t Print & Ink Is New” Issue resolved.

Step 1

  • Initially, make sure that the printer gets turned ON and gets plugged correctly.

plugged correctly

  • If the green power button gets lighted, then it means that the printer is plugged in and on.
  • If not, then plug in the printer and press the power button to turn the printer ON.
  • After this, wait for a few seconds, and give time to the printer to warm up and then try to print again.

Step 2

  • The users are suggested to check carefully that the printer gets connected to the computer.
  • Look at the behind of the printer and make sure that the USB or cable connection port and check the plug by moving it gently.
  • Push the plug into the printer so that a proper connection does make.
  • After this, check the other end of the cord that is on the computer.
  • Carefully, tighten the screws on the plug with the screwdriver to ensure a tight connection.
  • If it is a USB cord, then press and plug it into the computer firmly to make a stable connection.

Step 3

  • The users are recommended to print head alignment and cleaning.
  • If the print heads are misaligned or dirty, then it may affect the printing quality.
  • Click on the control panel, and then select the control panel and then from there click on the Printers and Faxes.
  • After this, click on the printer icon and then select printer, preferences, and Maintenance.
  • After this, select the “run print head alignment” option and then execute the alignment.
  • Now select the clean print head alignment to perform this operation.

Step 4

  • Kindly, open the access panel door and look at the roller devices to check that if a page has been jammed in between them.

page has been jammed

  • If so, then pull on one end of the page to remove the jam.
  • After this, try to print a test page.
  • If this printer problem persists the same, then ask for printer help from the printer service team.

So, if you all are satisfied with the printer troubleshooting steps penned above, then please share this article with other victims who are also facing the printer problem. The clients can also Take Printer Help To Fix “Printer Won’t Print & Ink Is New” Issue to get rid of printer error.

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