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What to do when spooler stops working?

When due to some reason a printer error message gets display on the screen, and you are in a hurry, then that is the most annoying moment. There are different printer models with different designs, and every printer has its feature, and along with the elements, there are many unexpected and uncertain printer error which are faced by the users.

A printer is a machine that accepts the text and graphics output from a computer and transfers the information on the paper. Printer varies in size and cost and according to the features also. But many users get trapped in the printer error such as printer not connected issue, printer spooler service not running and much more. So, here we are going to discuss the printer troubleshooting steps to rectify the spooler stops working problem.

Printer spooler is a service that spools the print job and handles interaction with the printer. If in case, the printer spooler service is turned off, the client won’t be able to use the printer. What to do when spooler stops working? so, this means that the printer spooler service should not get stop and if the spooler stops working, then get the issue resolved by taking help from the experts of printer service.

The users who are looking for What to do when spooler stops working? They are at the right place, because here for them, we have discussed the printer troubleshooting steps, so apply the same as instructed here and get rid of the printer error.

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Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Or Print Spooler Service Is Not Running. How To Fix It? 

Basically stated, print spooler is a will be a product program, an executable document which is answerable for dealing with all print assignments as of now being sent to the printer or print server. It is an essential segment of the printing interface and it is stacked at framework startup and keeps on running until the working framework is closed down. It is liable for finding the right printer driver, stacking that driver, booking the print employments and so forth.

Since the print spooler can deal with numerous print occupations without a moment’s delay, it disposes of the requirement for an application (that set off the print work) to be kept occupied until its printing procedure is finished and assists with evading application or framework decline in execution. It additionally permits clients to see current print employments inside the print line, their size, status and to suspend or erase the activated print occupations.

Numerous clients revealed that the print spooler continues halting which can raise a ruckus while attempting to print something or to see your printers. Print spooler must be running so as to have the option to print records and other stuff with no issues, that is the reason it is a major issue when it continues halting. There could be different explanations behind this and it is difficult to determine what precisely is forestalling print spooler from running ceaselessly. So as to fix this issue you may need to erase Spool organizer’s substance, uninstall pointless printers, check the print spooler administration’s status, reinstall or update printer drivers, check your framework records, impermanent cripple your antivirus which might be obstructing the print spooler administration, check your circle for mistakes, evacuate transitory and superfluous documents, design the print spooler recuperation settings and a few other various things.

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How to fix when spooler stops working?

Many clients encounter spooler stops working issue while printing, so keeping this thing in mind, we have here mentioned the necessary and user-friendly printer troubleshooting steps to fix the printer problem.

Method 1: Remove all content from the Spool folder

  • In this method, the user has to delete all content which is there inside the printers and drivers folder. Try to resolve this printer error with the help of the printer troubleshooting steps penned here below.
  • First of all, open the file explorer and then after that navigate to the following path mentioned here, i.e. “C:\Windows\System32\spool”.
    After this, double click on the “drivers” folder and then delete all files & folders under it.
  • Now, delete all content from the printers folder and then restart the printer spooler service.
  • Reboot the system to save changes.

Method 2: Restart your Print Spooler service

  • To apply this method, the user has to restart the printer spooler service, and for that, we have discussed the printer troubleshooting steps, so carefully follow them to get out of trouble.
  • In the initial step, press the Windows Key + R then type “services.MSC” and press enter to open the service window.
  • Now scroll down and look for the printer spooler service and then select it.
  • Now to restart it, right-click on the printer spooler service and then restart it.
  • After this, check whether the printer is working or not, if it starts working, then it means that the spooler stops working issue gets resolved.

Method 3: Set Print Spooler Service to Automatic

  • Use the short key Windows key + Rand open the run application.
  • Now, after this, a dialog box will open, then enter “services.MSC” and press the “Enter” key and let the services window open.
  • Now to choose the properties option, right click on the printer spooler service option.
  • From the drop-down list, change the startup type to automatic and then click on Apply and then OK.
  • If you are not able to fix the printer spooler error, then proceed to another method mentioned here below.

Method 4: Change the Print Spooler Recovery Options

  • It happens due to the improper configuration of the printer spooler recovery settings. Then, in that case, the spooler will restart automatically.
  • Press the windows and the R key together at the same time and then type service.MSC and then hit enter.
  • Now click on the properties by right-clicking on the print spooler option.
  • After this, switch to the recovery tab then make sure that the First failure, Second failure, & following failures are set to “Restart the Service” from their respective drop-downs.
  • Now, click Apply, followed by OK.

So, that was all about What to do when spooler stops working? If you all are pleased with the printer troubleshooting steps to fix the printer spooler stops issue, then please do share this content with your near and dear ones who are also looking for the solution to fix the spooler stops working problem.

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