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Why Canon Printer Prints Are Blurry?

The ultimate worth of printer is decided by the quality of prints, to obtain a good variety of prints, the Canon printers are the best. People use canon printer to get their official documents printed in high quality. Hence, while printing a document, if any how the printer start printing blurry pages, then don’t worry, because here in this post we have provided the printer troubleshooting steps for Why Canon Printer prints Are Blurry? Therefore, scroll down and carefully read the complete information in a detailed manner.

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Reasons for Canon Printer Printing Blurry

Before we proceed to the canon printer troubleshooting steps to resolve the blurry issue, first of all, kindly read the reason behind the printer error. For all users, it is mandatory that they must be aware of the reason behind the issue. After reading the reasons for Why Canon Printer Prints Are Blurry? Proceed to the printer troubleshooting steps discussed below.

  • The resolution of the picture which you are printing might be less.
  • If a small picture gets enlarged for printing, then also this issue arises.
  • The ink used for printing might be dry or low.
  • The paper used for printing is not as per the recommendation on the manual of the printer.
  • The nozzle might not be working correctly.
  • The printer head needs to get cleaned.
  • The canon printer driver has to get updated with the latest software online.

Techniques to fix Canon Printer Prints Are Blurry

Above we have mentioned the reasons for Why Canon Printer Prints Are Blurry? And here for all of you, we have discussed the canon printer troubleshooting steps to resolve the canon printer error. Therefore, read the necessary action and apply as mentioned here below.

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Paper issues

  • The problem of the blurry or smudgy print could be due to the poor quality of the paper. Thus, if the client is not using standard paper for printing, then the chances of blurry prints get increases. So, make sure to use the standard papers as recommended by the manual and also be sure that the paper tray should not be overstuffed.

Check Resolution Settings

  • The chance of printed letter or words gets increased if the resolution settings of the router are set to low.
  • Now, kindly check resolution settings and change it to high as per your requirement.

Update Drivers

  • Even after taking care of the resolution and the quality settings, the printer continuously prints the blurry image, and then the canon printer driver may be faulty.
  • To resolve the printer error, make sure to update the printer with the latest Canon printer driver.

Printhead problems

  • If the printer used for an extended period, then the chances are that the print head blocks or causing the blurry printer problem.
  • Make sure that the printer should get cleaned on time with a blank piece of cloth soaked in warm water.

If after applying these printer troubleshooting techniques the issue remains the same, then get in touch with the professionals of canon printer service and ask them to fix the printer error. The professionals are always ready to assist their troubled clients and provide them a correct solution for every printer error. Please do share this article with the canon printer users who are facing this problem, so that they can also get rid of the Why Canon Printer Prints Are Blurry?.

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